4 Simple and Secure Ways to Deliver Digital Products


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Deliver Through a Platform

Free and paid platforms are available whether you sell or deliver digital products. Etsy sellers tend to need a place to store and share their digital products with customers, as Etsy has a 20MB file size limit for digital products.

Delivering digital products through a platform means you don’t need to worry about file accessibility or security, as the platform takes care of those.

Platforms don’t tend to have storage limits to how many digital products you can host in a platform or how many digital products you can deliver.

Popular platforms to sell and deliver digital products:

Deliver From Your Website

Delivering digital products through your website can be done via plugins or via a link if you use Squarespace. While sharing a file link through a website can be simple and secure from a technical standpoint, there’s a possibility that the file link can be shared with others.

Storage limit depends on the hosting plan you are on or the plan you have subscribed to (Squarespace).

Popular ways to sell and deliver digital products from your website:

Deliver Through a Marketplace

The benefit of delivering digital products to your customers through a marketplace is that you can sell as well as deliver your files. Marketplaces are first and foremost places to sell your digital products, but that doesn’t limit the fact that you can also deliver files through a marketplace.

Marketplaces don’t tend to have storage limits to how many digital products you can host in a marketplace or how many digital products you can deliver.

Popular marketplaces to use for selling and delivering digital products:

Deliver For Free

To deliver your digital products for free, you can use Google Drive, which is most often used among Etsy sellers, students, and small online businesses. While Google Drive and Dropbox are some of the most used ways to deliver digital products, you can do little to prevent unauthorized file (link) sharing.

While you can limit product delivery in Google Drive to only some individuals, for example, selling digital products in volume on Etsy requires automating the file delivery. This means you need to allow the Google Drive link to be shared with everyone.

Free ways to deliver digital products:

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