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Written by Juha

Drawing anime and manga eyes are not easy when you are just beginning your artist journey, and even if you’ve drawn a while, still few angles might make you sweat.

I’ve done some extensive research on this topic and have gathered the very best art tutorials there are available online for FREE. 

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The list is pretty massive, but then again, with this carefully selected list, you are able to find the most suitable video tutorial for your needs. I’ve made sure to cover the tropic as in detail as possible.

I believe that you can learn new things from multiple people, so by not leaning to one teacher, you are able to watch and learn from multiple teachers.

There are many styles of which you can choose whether to draw a continuous or a non-continuous eye, whether to draw the mature or teen-looking eye. What is pretty obvious in anime and manga art is that their eyes are big and wide.

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However, in mature anime drawings, the eye, as well as the shape of the head, do follow the rules of realistic human anatomy.

In this article, I’ve tried to cover as many aspects as possible when it comes to drawing manga eyes.

So let’s get going!


Drawing beautiful anime and manga eyes is pretty easy, but you just have to know some rules to it. In this video, Juha Ekman a.k.a Okuha will show you how he approaches drawing anime and manga eyes by using three boxes. By drawing cat-like and almond/oval-shaped eyes you are able to create those beautiful looking anime eyes in no time! And yes, Clip Studio Paint makes drawing eyes super easy!

How to Draw Manga Girl Eyes 3 Ways

What I like about this video is the clear explanation that the artist offers to you. Starting from the shaped and then adding eyelashes, shading, and other features to the eye.

The artist is very clear, and even a written explanation is provided with the video. In the video, you will see three different techniques or eyes being drawn, and from each eye, you can learn something new.

While the process is always the same, there are still details and rules that apply in each different scenario.

How to Draw Manga Eyes! Step by Step, Slow Tutorial for Beginners!

This video is ideal for beginners as the artist clearly explains how to draw manga eyes, and in this video, you will see how the artist draws both of the. While the video above showed you how to draw one eye, this tutorial focuses on drawing both eyes.

The video tutorial is roughly 15 minutes long and slowly reveals the whole drawing process to you. It’s easy to follow and draw along if you have a paper and pencil at your disposal.


Another great art tutorial from Mikey Mega Mega. While I would say that this tutorial is a bit more geared toward advanced artists, beginner artists can still learn from this.

Mikey shows you how to draw the eye from different angles, and while it’s not easy to understand all the rules and reasons behind every decision, I think this tutorial is still valuable and gives a lot of insight into the drawing process.

How To Draw Manga Eyes In Your Own Style

If you are interested in developing your own anime and manga eye style, this tutorial sheds some light on how to do just that. In this tutorial, you can see how to use the eyeball as a basis, before drawing the eyelids.

While the tutorial is not so extensive, there are things to learn, such as how to draw eyebrows to give a certain mood for your character.

How to Draw Eyes for Beginners | Anime Manga Drawing Tutorial

A very good tutorial on how to draw those beautiful anime and manga eyes, especially as the artist is showing you the guidelines to use when drawing those eyes. 

It’s not always clear to aspiring artists, how the proportions work, and how to actually start the process of drawing those eyes. So I think this video serves that purpose rather well.

The whole drawing process is nicely narrated, so it’s easy to follow through and get the same results by yourself.

How to Draw Eyes 5 Ways

Baylee Jay shows you five different ways you can draw anime and manga eyes. In this tutorial, Baylee will walk you through the way she draws those beautiful looking anime manga eyes.

While there is some fan noise coming through the audio, I still think this video is full of quality material, while Baylee doesn’t explain too much about the thought process or the rules behind her line choices. I think you can still learn a lot form this tutorial.

How to Draw Four Different Manga Girl Eyes!

This video shows you how to draw four different and beautiful looking eyes in only 8 minutes and some. 

The video is narrated, and while it is a speed drawing video, you can still easily follow the artist as she draws the eyes. What I like the video the most is that the end results are amazing. The eyes really do look beautiful, and it shows that the artist wanted to create awesome looking eyes.

If you are interested in learning how to draw manga girl eyes, this tutorial is superb for just that.

How to Draw Eyes from Realistic to Anime

Ok, I do have to admit that, Reinaldo Quintero is one of those damn right amazing artists out there. So it’s essential that I include his anime eye tutorial to the list. 

The tutorial is superb extensive, and REIQ truly shows you the very basics and also the fundamental of eye structure and how the eyelids work around the eyeball.

I do have to admit that it might be a bit too overwhelming, as there is so much to know and learn about the anatomy of the eye, but I still think this video is worth your time.

You might not be able to draw what he draws, but I would take this art tutorial as one of which you can learn from. Not necessarily practice from.

How to Draw and Color Manga Eyes: Narrated Step-by-Step Tutorial

Mark is an awesome teacher when it comes to drawing anime and manga eyes. If you struggle with the basics and don’t know how to start the drawing process. This art tutorial is for you. 

Mark starts by creating clear guidelines to draw the eyes, and what I like about this tutorial is that you can draw the eyes in an angle, rather than straight forward.

The tutorial is made so that you can follow along and draw while Mark is drawing. While the video has these speed up parts, you can just pause the video and draw the parts you haven’t yet drawn.

What is nice about this video is that you can also see the coloring process and not just the drawing process. So if you are looking to color your anime eyes, this video helps you with that.

How to draw Anime eyes – 4 different styles [Voice-over Tutorial]

Many of the art tutorials you see online that teach you to draw anime or manga eyes are shown with paper and pencil, so it’s a breath of fresh air to see a digital tutorial too.

The artist shows you four different styles of anime eyes for you to try and draw. Moe-moe, kind, cool, and emotionless is the four different styles you can learn from this art tutorial.

The video has a voice-over, so it’s easy to follow the artist and draw along.

How to draw female and male manga/anime eyes! Woahhhh

In this art tutorial, Talart is showing you her way of drawing female anime eyes. What’s cool about this tutorial is that the artist shows you how to use guidelines to assist you in drawing those beautiful manga and anime eyes.

How to Draw Manga Eyes, Eight Different Ways

While the video does not have a voice-over, it does have text from which you can follow the drawing process. What I like about the video is that the artist shows you step-by-step how to draw manga eyes.

You will get to see how the artist creates eight different manga eyes, and while we can debate whether there is enough variation to justify the eight “different” styles, it’s still cool to see the drawing process nevertheless.

The end results are amazing, though, and what is nice about the process is that you can see the coloring of the eyes too. Something that many art tutorials seem to lack.

How to DRAW Anime EYES – Colored [Anime Drawing Tutorial for Beginners]

The drawing tutorial is pretty simple but has some very cool tips, and it’s interesting to see the drawing process for a pair of eyes in an angle.

The coloring process especially is a joy to watch, and while there isn’t a voice-over, the artist does show you some texts now and then to give you tips and tricks for different results.

How To Draw Evil Anime Eye

[IbisPaintX] How to Draw and Color Anime Eyes Tutorial

I like this tutorial, even though it might look a bit messy as the “camera” is moving where the artist moves the pen. Which creates a bit of difficulty to follow along. 

Sometimes the drawing is way too zoomed in, but then again, that is the way the artist prefers to draw, so we do have to appreciate and understand that.

It’s also nice to see a tutorial from someone using the Procreate app. The thing that I like the most about this tutorial is the way the artist shows the different layer techniques for coloring and rendering the manga eye.

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