How to Draw a Cute Anime Girl – Tips And Techniques


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In Japanese anime and manga, cute girls are an everyday joy to look at. Big eyes, big smile, joyful spirit. But there’s another form of cute too. Sad, that tear shining in the eye, fragile. That’s cute too in its own way.

In this how to draw a cute anime girl guide, I will share my personal tips and techniques I use to draw cute anime girls. Keep on reading!

Key Takeaways

  • Non-continuous eyes work the best when drawing cute anime girls.
  • Clothes and accessories can emphasize the character’s cuteness.
  • Soft, light, and toned-down colors convey the feeling of innocence and cuteness.
  • Facial expression and pose play an important part when drawing a cute anime girl.

Understanding the Cute Effect

As mentioned before, big eyes, an innocent look in their eyes, and big smiles on a character’s face are things that make them look cute. However, the thing that makes anime characters cute is the emotion the eyes give you. 

An anime girl can be cute by being sad and not just happy. They also look cute when they look at you innocently or when they are looking to the horizon with a longing look on their faces. It’s the emotion that’s also important when drawing cute anime girls.

Looking to the horizon, waiting for an answer. Cute and sad at the same time.

While the majority of the cuteness comes from facial expression, also clothes make up a significant proportion of the cuteness factor. Having a cute-looking outfit, cute-looking colors, and cute accessories (like teddy bears or others) also emphasize the cuteness of an anime girl.

So when you are drawing a cute anime girl, think about the facial expression, size of eyes, accessories, clothing, and color choices. Using pink, lavender, and soft colors, in general, tends to work the best. Using dark colors like black, dark blue, or such does not evoke the cute effect as easily as soft and light colors.

Drawing a Cute Anime Face and Head


When you are drawing a cute anime girl, think about what kind of facial expression you want to give to your anime character. Sad, happy, longing, or something in between? What kind of facial expression is suitable for your character?

Having that longing look on her face makes anime girls look cute in their own way.

I almost always start the face by drawing eyes first. When you are drawing cute eyes, remember that the eyes need to be drawn in a non-continuous way. Meaning that the eyelids do not touch. This is not a rule, but a preference.

Notice the non-continuous eye. The eyelids do not touch each other.

I also decided to draw a huge and wide-open mouth for my cute anime girl. I think it gives the character that joyful feeling and truly emphasizes child-like happiness, which I think gives a cute feeling for the character.

Drawing Cute Anime Girl Body

Big eyes, and an innocent posture, all convey the feeling of a cute anime girl.

I started my character design by thinking about what type of girl she would be. I settled on a girl wearing a school uniform, a super typical anime character outfit.

School uniforms already give that hint of cuteness to a character, innocence if I may add.

The next thing was to find a pose that would suit my idea of a cute anime girl. In classical anime art, the hand facing forward or reaching out is a very typical pose to have, so I went with that.

The very best resource for finding inspiration for poses is Pinterest.

When you pick a pose, think about the motion in the pose and what that pose is communicating to the viewer. Drawing a girl in a fighting position might not be the cutest, though, in anime art, even that is possible to do.

In anime art, even a pose itself can be cute. Imagine a character having hands crossed in front of the character, and you know what I mean here.

In anime art, it’s somewhat easy to draw cute anime girls, all you need is the right facial expression and pose, and you are already hitting many of the key components of what makes anime girls cute.

Drawing Cute Girl Clothes

As I drew an anime schoolgirl, I could have drawn a school bag or something, but I settled on drawing a ribbon, jacket, pockets, and buttons. Of course, a flowing skirt is something every anime schoolgirl needs.

I think buttons and pockets create this easy-going feeling and something that creates interest for the character.

The more the viewer has points of interest to look at, the more interesting the image becomes for the viewer. Though this is not always the case, I just like to think that the more details a drawing has, the more there is to look at and explore.


I also added a hat for the character, as I think hats bring that cute feeling to the anime girl. Making them look sweet and joyful.

Choosing Cute Colors

When choosing colors for your cute anime girl, think about the psychology of colors. I’ve noticed that light colors like pink, lavender, baby blue, etc., tend to convey the feeling of cuteness.

Dark colors like black, night blue, red wine, etc., convey very different feelings and emotions.

Think about what kind of emotions do colors give you and to the viewer and what would you like your character to come across.

Cute colors are soft and suitable for babies and small kids, and such. Colors that are easy to the eye and also colors that give pleasant feelings. Shades of pastels, toned-down colors, colors that are not too saturated.

Color palettes and color schemes to find those cute colors for the character.


Drawing cure anime girl is something that is not restricted to cute colors like pink and baby blue or restricted to big innocent eyes. A girl can be sweet and cute by just having smiley eyes and begging eye contact with the viewer.

Do not place too much pressure on yourself by wanting to draw the cutest anime girl ever. Focus on big eyes, facial expressions, and the overall mood of the image.

Using soft colors already creates this cute vibe to an image. So colors do play a big part in the overall feeling of the image.

I would say that the biggest thing for you to focus on is the eyes, so concentrate on those. In anime art, eyes and facial expression tell so much, so focus on those.



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