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Written by Juha

Pokémon is a worldwide phenomenon and no wonder. Cute little creatures with weird voices. What could go wrong? There are more than 800 different Pokémons.

I have to say that is a pretty impressive number there. Feels like there’s one for everyone. So many cool designs and personalities. Colorful, cute, fierce, frightening, weird, all kinds of creatures imaginable.

Pokémons create a vast collection of creatures to wonder and experience. It’s only natural to feel the need to draw one. So where do you start?

Drawing Pokémon luckily isn’t so hard as it may seem. You always start with the inspiration you have inside you. You have seen a Pokémon you would like to draw so the best way to move forward is to gather as much reference images as possible from that Pokémon you want to draw. Right?

How can you know how to draw something if you have never seen it before? Start with the reference images. Study them, look at what it is that creates that creatures personality and what makes it look unique.

If you are unsure of your skills and feel like you are not ready to draw something super complex. Start with something simple, like Electrode. I mean, it’s a ball with simple eyes. Start with something simple, just to gain some confidence before going full in and drawing Pikachu for example.

Once you have the idea in your head, you might need some guidance on how exactly should you approach the drawing and that’s where these tutorials come in handy.

I’ve listed some of the best free tutorials available and will give you some points along the way.

So let’s go!

How to Draw Pikachu

Of course, Pikachu has to be the first one we go for. Kind of the main character among Pokémons, I guess?

Pikachu might not be the easiest to draw, but it does look cute. If that gives you motivation and energy to draw it. Focus on hands/paws and also keep your eye on the eyes (pun intended).

If you like, you can add some electric effects easily with color dodge layer mode (assuming you draw with a drawing tablet).

How To Draw Charizard Step By Step

Charizard is right among the top of Pokémons regarding Ashs’ collection or roster if I may say, a massive dragon with a flame on top of its tail.

Almost as cool as Pikachu? Might not be the easiest either draw but how cool creature is it.

Creature design is spot on and in a fully evolved form really does give a punch against its enemies.

Charizard being a dragon, you can easily search different dragon tutorials if you are looking to draw Charizard as a realistic dragon, which would be cool. Or if you want to draw it in anime style, just focus on the head and form first. And don’t forget the precious reference images.

Image by Shadow2810

Easy Pokémons to Draw

Before we get into the subject of what to draw, we could discuss a bit what makes things easy.

Easy as of this is easy for me to draw or this is considered easy to draw. There’s a small difference there. You see, something might be easy for you but quite difficult for some other.

It all comes to the experience one has about the subject at hand. Someone who has drawn Pikachu many times before feels the subject easy. For someone else, not so much.

For you to experience something easy, you more than usual have drawn something similar in the past. So it doesn’t feel new to you. You feel like the form, and the shapes are easy for you to imagine and draw.

Past experiences affect the way we approach a drawing!

Even if I am showing some easy Pokémons to draw, you might still feel that those are not easy for you and that is because you might not have drawn those before.

However, let’s consider Electrode Pokémon for example. Now, that creature is one of the easiest to draw, and it’s because of the form of the creature.

The Electrode is a ball, and there is a very high chance you have drawn a ball before. So in that sense, you are familiar with the form, and you are able to draw the creature without that much effort.

And here’s the thing. The more elements and expansions you add to the form the more complex it becomes. Then again this is what makes you evolve as an artist. Expanding shapes and creating a different kind of forms. Cylinder, cube, triangle and so on. Making the objects curve, bend and distort is something you can do in your mind and when you are able to do that. Transfer that to the canvas to create something new.

By doing this imagination game and practice more and more. You start to develop your artistic mind, and soon you can bend a different kind of object into something more complex than you have thought of before.

With practice, comes skills and with skills, comes development and eventually mastery.

Starting with something easy to draw is useful for gaining confidence. Because with the confidence you have the willpower to move on and become even better at the thing you are doing. In this case, with drawing and art.

If you feel like nothing good comes out to the canvas, and you feel like you don’t know how to draw. Search something simple and draw the image you see. Copy it, however, don’t trace it. As that is something that gets you nowhere.

By copying I mean, of drawing what you see. Just for the sake of practice. As said before with practice, you can indeed evolve and become a better version of yourself.

Here’s a small list easy Pokémons to draw and practice on. With simple shapes and forms, it’s a perfect place to start your drawings and to gain the confidence to move forward to more complex designs.

How to Draw Dugtrio

What makes Dugtrio is easy to draw is the cylinder shape of the creatures. And when you have drawn one, you can just copy the first one and multiply it to create a total of three. Now you have easily created a Dugtrio by just creating one.

How to Draw Voltorb

Basically just like Electrode which was discussed earlier. Draw a ball and eyes, and you have drawn Voltorb. It doesn’t really require too much experience to nail down Voltorbs features.

How to Draw Gastly

Continuing the ball-shaped Pokémons. Gastly differs from the other ones by having a smoke-like effect surrounding the creature. So if you want a slight challenge, draw Gastly and add the smoke effect.

Smoke might not be easy to draw if you haven’t drawn something similar before. If you have drawn clouds, smoke doesn’t differ too much from it. Just color the clouds with a darker color, and you have a smoke. Kind of.

How to Draw Haunter

You can get far by just drawing a circle and modifying the spikes to create a Haunter creature. Add hands, and that’s all there is to draw basically.

If you are struggling with hands, you can always photograph your own hands and draw them. Slightly modify the hands, and you have a nice Haunter drawn. Maybe not the easiest but then again, not too hard either.

How to Draw Magnemite

Simple shapes, and creature design all in all. Coloring and creating a nice metallic shading is smooth with this Pokémon. Magnemite is formed from 3 major shapes: center ball and two similar magnets on either side. Design-wise this is easy to draw. However, the magnets might give you a bit of trouble.

The benefit of drawing this Pokémon is that you practice the 3D side of thinking. You first figure out how to draw one of the magnets in one view, and then you have to draw the other magnet from another view. This way you will practice the mind to rotate the object inside your head. This is a useful skill and something an artist needs to have.

With a simple shape like a magnet, you can practice drawing in 3D while having fun drawing a Pokémon.

Magnemite offers you a natural starting point for metallic shading too. As Magnemite has a metallic body, you can also practice how to shade and color metal. Lighting and shading are very different from metal as opposed to leather for example.


Eggshell broken and cute little creature jumping in it. You can start by drawing an egg and then adding cute little eyes, and simple hands and you have created Togepi. Togepi is rather easy to draw as the form is very familiar to most of us. Also, the hands and feet are very simple in design.

Drawing Pokémon Cards

Have you thought about drawing your very own Pokémon Card? What you need is an art software capable of doing a card template. Adobe Photoshop does the trick there. Then you need to draw the actual Pokémon and add that to the card. Fill in the details, icons and other elements and you are done.

Creating the template

So let’s start from the very beginning. First, you need an art software, and the best for the job is Adobe Photoshop. Then you need to get familiar with the shape tool. What you need to do is just create your own template that has the same shapes as the Pokémon card has.

Drawing the Pokémon for the card

Drawing the actual creature is the next thing to do. Draw the creature with no background first. This is so that you can make the picture overlap with the template you have created before. After you have drawn the Pokémon, insert it to the card so that the focus is on the creature.

An easy way to create a background is to make a copy of the picture, enlarging it to fill the white space. Pushing the image to the background and adding a nice gaussian blur to it. This will make the main picture to pop out. You can also decrease the blurred images opacity if you like to.

Last elements: Icons, Typography, and Details

Create icons on another layer, yet again with the shape tool. Then just place them to appropriate places. Icons give a visual guide and additional information to the viewer. Also, add the needed typography to give the viewer information about the Pokémon at hand.

Creating your very own Pokémon card is not hard, but it does take time. Creating the template takes time even though you would draw a very simple creature. The icons and shapes required for the template take time to create but what is cool about a template. Is that you can use it again and again for different Pokémon designs.

You can also create your own looking template if you feel that the official template is too much work.

Image Created by SeviYummy


As a quick summary. We can probably agree that drawing Pokémons can be easy and fun at the same time. These are fun little creatures, with simple shapes and forms. If one likes to challenge him or herself, just select one of the legendary Pokémons and draw one of those. If you want a real challenge, go and draw a Pokémon as a realistic creature, like the Charizard shown at the beginning of the article.

Table Of Contents

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