How To Get Followers As A Digital Artist?


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Hard work, great artwork, riding the latest trends, and engaging with others will improve your chances of getting followers. Digital art is a global playing field, and there’s no shortage of followers. In this article, we explore how you can grow an audience by using different tactics, and not everything is about social media.

Key Takeaways

  • The best way to get followers is to create great artwork, as it will always get noticed and followed.
  • Tapping into current or even older trends can get you followers.
  • Producing artwork or content on search engines helps people find your artwork.
  • Challenges bring together like-minded people and help you get noticed.
  • Engage with other artists on multiple platforms to grow your following.
  • Create digital art products.
  • Evaluate whether improving your drawing skills is more beneficial than any other strategy listed in this article.

Create Great Artwork

Nothing beats great artwork. If you can create great artwork, you will get followers, and it’s that simple. People have an eye for things that look good, and when you create an artwork that catches the interest of a viewer, they will likely start to follow you.

Creating artwork in a new style, from a new perspective, or tapping into subjects that create interest, controversy, or engagement all play a part in getting new followers.

You don’t have to have any followers to explode on Instagram or any other site. Great artwork will always get noticed and appreciated. If you have more than just a few artworks instantly available for people to enjoy, you will increase the likelihood of getting followers.

Remind yourself why you follow a certain artist. Likely the same reasons apply to the person who wants to follow you.

The characteristics of great artwork:

  • Originality
  • Emotionality
  • Technical skill
  • Composition
  • Impact
  • Creativity
  • Expressiveness
  • Complexity
  • Intentionality
  • Authenticity
  • Meaningfulness
  • Timelessness
  • Universality

Search For Trends

DTIYS (do this in your style), draw this again (DTA), draw yourself, Sailor Moon, etc., are all trends that have happened (mainly on Instagram). You can always tap into older trends and draw something that once gained popularity, as the chances are that theme might surface again in the future.

You can also follow some popular artists and see what they are doing and jump into trends that you see happen on different platforms. While Instagram tends to be where different drawing and art challenges happen, there are other places like DeviantArt and Artstation, which offer visibility to trends.

The usual Inktober (drawing challenge in October), Mermay (happening in May), Janoiry (drawing challenge in January) are just a few examples that you can participate in every year and gain new followers interested in the topic or the theme.

Best way to find art trends:

  • Google “digital art trends” or “Instagram drawing challenges.”
  • Go to Instagram and see what artists are drawing and what hashtags they use.
  • Go to Artstation and check the trending tab and see what type of artwork is at the top currently.
  • Check what digital art YouTubers are talking about and if there’s some trend to follow.

Use Search Engines

While we don’t know how many searches art sites or Pinterest has, we know that Google processes billions of searches every single day. Pinterest has roughly 445 million people visiting its site every month. As Pinterest is a search engine, we can safely assume that at least 445 million searches are done on Pinterest every month.

Publishing your artwork on Pinterest and using appropriate hashtags, keywords, and a clear title, people can find your artwork and follow you either on Pinterest or on the platform where you point your Pinterest image.

The reason why search engines are so powerful is that you create the artwork and let the platform take care of connecting your art with people. In this strategy, you can focus on creating awesome art and leave the finding process to the search engine.

While Artstation and DeviantArt are not considered search engines, they still do have search bars that act as search engines. The key is to name your artwork so that people interested in the topic can find your artwork.

Best digital art sites to publish your artwork to get organic traffic:

You can also try to find digital art sites that don’t have many users. That way, your work gets more views as the competition is smaller.

Smaller digital art sites worth posting your art:

Take Part In Challenges

In the art community, there’s always some sort of challenge going on. While Inktober, Mermay, etc., are challenges, they are also trends that pop up in certain months.

Challenges gather like-minded people together, and when you use the same hashtags as everyone else, you will fit in and can find new artists that way.

But the same goes in your way. Artists that are interested in what kind of results other artists were able to create in a challenge will check the hashtags and are then able to find you and your work.

Instagram tends to be the place where challenges take place. Still, Artfol, for example, has created a dedicated Challenge tab to check out to see what art challenges are currently available and trending.

Artfol and their Challenge tab gives a nice glimpse of what is currently hot or is soon ending

Comment And Engage With Others

To get followers, engaging with other artists’ work and commenting on their work puts you in front of other artists when they read the comments a specific artwork got. Remember to have a good profile picture, something that showcases that your profile is worth a look at.

Pick your best artwork and create a profile picture from that so that when you engage and comment on an artwork, your profile picture also gets some attention and a possible new follower.

Use multiple platforms and maybe schedule a time slot from your calendar for engagement and comments. It’s hard work and will take time, but it can also yield results (not guaranteed, though).

Create Digital Art Products

Artstation, Gumroad, Etsy, Creative Market, and other marketplaces are good places to sell various digital products. These marketplaces also act as search engines as people seek to buy certain brushes, materials, textures, art resources, courses, etc.

By having products to sell, you create a professional appearance as an artist. On top of getting new followers, you get even better; you get customers. This strategy has been tested and verified to work.

You don’t need to have followers to sell digital art products. These are what you need to sell digital art products:

  • Quality product images with an eye for branding.
  • Quality products and offerings.
  • Clear product title and description of what is being sold.


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