How To Get Noticed As A Digital Artist – Latest Strategies Revealed


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How to get noticed as a digital artist? As more and more artists around the world post artwork to social media and other websites like Artstation, getting yourself noticed as a digital artist gets harder by the day. I’ve compiled an extensive resource for you to explore and see what strategies you could implement for your specific situation. Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Create art that evokes dreams, memories, nostalgia, etc., and conveys emotional impact on the viewer.
  • Depict subjects that are controversial and newsworthy.
  • Use evergreen methods like social media, content creation, and digital art websites to get your art noticed.
  • Be consistent by publishing new artwork regularly and use colors intelligently to draw in the viewer.
  • Publish your artwork on new sites, even if they are small.

Portray An Event

As a digital artist, you can portray an event to be noticed online. Creating a powerful and emotive artwork that captures the essence of some impactful event can evoke a strong emotional response in viewers. In the case of the event “Young boy found lying face-down on a beach,” you could use several different techniques to convey the tragedy and emotional impact of the event:

  • Creating a digital art piece that realistically depicts the scene of the event, including the young boy lying face-down on the beach
  • Using symbols and imagery that represent the event, such as a child’s toy or a life jacket
  • Using bold and contrasting colors or using a composition that draws the viewer’s eye to the focal point of the image
  • Creating an interactive digital art piece where the viewer can interact with the image in some way
  • Creating a narrative that tells the story of the event and its impact
  • Creating a series of digital artworks that tell the story of the event from different perspectives

It’s important to remember that creating artwork that portrays an event in a way that gets media attention can be a delicate task, as it requires a balance of artistic expression and sensitivity toward the subject matter.

Create Newsworthy Art

You can create newsworthy digital art by using elements that have the best likelihood of capturing the attention of the media and the public. Some of the ways are:

  • Addressing current events or social issues: You can address current events or social issues that are in the news currently. This will increase the likelihood of media coverage by the news.
  • Creating controversial or thought-provoking work: Similar to controversial digital art that challenges societal norms or provokes strong reactions can help you to generate media attention.
  • Using new technologies or techniques: Using new technologies or techniques in your digital art can make it stand out and attract media coverage. AI art, for example, got massive media coverage for being controversial but also being a new technology.
  • Creating large-scale or public installations: Digital artists have been able to get their artwork displayed on physical walls (projection) and in Times Square. If you get your artwork to an outside “billboard” or some kind. It will surely get noticed.
  • Collaborating with other artists or organizations: Doing everything alone can be hard, so why not collaborate and partner with other artists or organizations and get the media’s attention that way?

It’s important to remember that creating newsworthy digital art can be challenging as it relies on capturing the attention of the media and the public, which can be difficult as we don’t ever know what hits the media’s nerve, so to speak. What is good to remember is that the media is always looking for new and interesting stories, so creating digital art that is unique, discusses certain topics, and has a good story behind it may increase the chance of being picked up by the media.

Create Controversial Art

You can create controversial digital art by incorporating subjects or themes that are likely to provoke strong reactions in viewers. These elements can be sensitive political or social issues, depictions of violence or erotic content, or the use of graphic or offensive imagery.

It is important to note that creating controversial art can be challenging as it often relies on pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms and can also be offensive to some people. Therefore, it is important to consider the potential consequences of creating controversial art and to be prepared for criticism or backlash.

That being said, getting noticed is probably achieved with this rather controversial strategy (pun totally intended).

Use The Evergreen Methods

While these are probably the most obvious strategies, we will lay them out here in case you wouldn’t have heard about them before.

  • Use social media to promote your content
    • Use relevant hashtags and keywords, and publish only your best content
    • If you decide to post work-in-progress content and want to keep your artist profile clean, delete the WIP images after you’ve published the final version of the drawing
  • Publish your content on Pinterest. Pinterest is not social media but rather a visual search engine. Using correct keywords and creating multiple pins about your artwork can help draw viewers your way
  • Create a blog about the subject (landscapes, 3D modeling, 2D digital painting, etc.) you are interested in as an artist and drive organic traffic to your content and art
  • Create digital art products. You don’t just have to post digital art online and gather a following. You can also create products and get your art noticed that way.
    • Redbubble, Society6, Etsy, Gumroad, and Artstation are all good sites to start with
  • Publish your art to multiple digital art websites. Artstation, DeviantArt, Behance, and Pixiv are only a few of the biggest digital art websites you can publish your work on. Explore what site gives you the best chances of getting noticed

Use Colors Intelligently


You can use colors to draw the viewer’s attention and evoke certain emotions. Saturated colors, for example, are more intense and vibrant and can be used to create a sense of energy or excitement.

Bright red, specifically, is often associated with passion, energy, and power and can grab viewers’ attention quickly. You can use different colors strategically in your composition or as focal points to guide the viewer’s eye through the artwork.

Also, using a limited color palette can create a sense of harmony and cohesiveness in the artwork, drawing the viewer’s attention to the overall composition rather than just individual elements.

Be Consistent

You can get noticed by consistently publishing new artwork online and by building a strong online presence through various platforms such as social media, art communities, and personal website. You should also engage with your audience, network with other artists, and participate in online art competitions or collaborations.

Additionally, by sharing the process and progress of your work on platforms like Instagram or Youtube, you can build a community of followers who are interested in your art and you. Furthermore, it is important to have a consistent art style, aesthetic, and possibly even a message to establish a strong personal brand.

Use New Platforms

There are always some new websites or platforms popping up online that you can use to get noticed. Artstation had an immense backslash from artists regarding the rise of AI art on the site. So people started to look for optional sites, and whenever there is a huge change in the industry, new solutions pop up. Below are some sites that (at the time of writing) are relatively small but, at the same time, offer you the chance of getting noticed early on.

If you are into NFTs, the same principle applies. NEAR, Avalanche and Metis are all blockchains that are rather small compared to other chains and thus give you the advantage of being one of the first ones in the platforms. Whenever a new marketplace shows up, getting your artwork published in that new marketplace will hugely increase your likelihood of getting noticed.

FAQs About Digital Artists And Getting Noticed Online

How do small artists get noticed?

In this article, we have outlined a few new strategies to get your work noticed. Here are the strategies in a list format:

  • Be consistent
  • Portray an event
  • Use colors intelligently
  • Use evergreen methods
  • Create controversial art

Is there a demand for digital artists?

Yes, there is a demand for digital artists. While AI art is shaking the grounds of digital art, there is still a demand for hand-drawn original digital art. Remember that digital art is automatically protected by copyright laws, whereas AI art isn’t. This little difference is huge when you want to make a living as a digital artist. Selling original hand-made digital art has benefits that AI art doesn’t. If you sell AI art, anyone can copy your images and sell them online as you do. AI artists can’t claim ownership of an artwork that was created by a machine. This has been outlined in the U.S. Copyright law.

Also, it wouldn’t be beneficial for big companies and studios to use purely AI art in their works, as anyone can copy and publish their version of the same material. When companies and studios use hand-made digital art, the works are protected by copyright and can’t be used by someone else. This creates IP (intellectual property) capital, which in return will make the company more valuable.



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