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In this article, I go through which sites offer the best resources to learn digital art for free. I also go through the benefits of paid content in relation to free and show you tactics for how to find the best free digital art learning content online.

Key Takeaways

  • Artstation, YouTube, Gumroad, and Udemy, are one of the best sites to use for learning digital art for free.
  • You can increase your learning material by signing up for services like Skillshare, which is very affordable.
  • Paid content can increase your motivation to learn new skills.

Artstation Learning


Artstation is one of the biggest digital art websites. Artstation Learning is a free online learning service for anyone to use. They offer a lot of online courses for various topics, such as:

  • Photoshop
  • Environment
  • Concept Art
  • Illustration
  • Unreal Engine
  • ZBrush
  • Blender
  • Lighting
  • Procreate
  • Animation
  • Maya

The list doesn’t even end there and it only showcases how much content there is in Artstation.



YouTube is an obvious choice for learning digital art for free, but we wanted to list it here anyway. You can use YouTube’s filters to define what you want further. Using Type -> Playlist will bring you playlists that users have created around a certain topic. Playlists are useful when you want to get a lot of videos and tutorials without collecting them yourself.

Use YouTube’s filters and select a Playlist to find a collection of digital art tutorials compiled into one playlist



Gumroad might not be an obvious choice for finding digital art tutorials, but through Gumroad’s Discovery, you can find various free art tutorials on various topics. Just set the price to $0, and you can find free digital art tutorials.



Udemy has roughly 2,600 free online courses on digital art, and over 730,000 students have already enjoyed digital art courses on Udemy. Type digital art into Udemy’s search bar and then select $0 for the price to find free online courses about digital art.

Benefits Of Paid Learning

At the time of writing Skillshare had 3,381 different courses about digital art

While there are plenty of free resources, materials, and tools to learn digital art free, there are still a lot of benefits for paid content. Paid content is not expensive, and one of the most affordable services out there is Skillshare. Skillshare has over 3,300 courses on digital art, and by purchasing an annual subscription, you get access to all of the courses instantly. You can study various topics as long as you have an active subscription.

The main benefits of paid content:

  • Access to higher quality information: Paid education and training programs often provide more accurate and up-to-date information than free courses and material
  • Credibility and accreditation: Paid educational programs are often accredited and recognized by professional organizations, which can be valuable for your career
  • Personalized attention and support: Paying for education can provide access to expert instructors and mentors who can support you, which can be especially valuable for complex or technical subjects
  • Motivation: Investing money in education can motivate you to work harder and achieve better results
  • Career-oriented: Paid education and training programs are often designed to prepare students for specific careers or industries

Paying for knowledge and education can provide a more structured, comprehensive, and personalized learning experience compared to free learning.

FAQs About Digital Art?

Can I learn digital art on my own?

Yes, you can definitely learn digital art on your own. There are a bunch of online resources available such as tutorials, video courses, and ebooks that can help you develop the skills for creating digital art. Additionally, many communities (YouTube, and Reddit, for example) are dedicated to helping people learn how to create digital art and providing feedback on their artwork. With practice and dedication, anyone can become a professional digital artist.

How do I learn basic digital art?

The best way to learn the basics of digital art is to watch a few YouTube videos about digital art. The next step is to get yourself a drawing tablet of some sort (Wacom is the best brand but also the most expensive one). If you have Apple iPad, then getting an Apple pencil would be enough to start creating digital art. When you have a drawing tablet you need to get art software for your computer or tablet. Procreate for iPad is the best solution and Clip Studio Paint is in our opinion the best for computers and laptops. As a last step, you might want to watch a few YouTube tutorials on how to draw with the selected art software you’ve chosen.

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The above process works great if you want to draw digital art, when you want to do 3D modeling, then you need a high-end desktop PC and some 3D software like Unreal Engine, Maya, Blender, or 3ds Max.

How can I make digital art for free?

At the very minimum, you need a phone and they cost money. So essentially you can’t create digital art for free but the closest possible option is to use your mobile phone to create digital art. The following software is available for mobile phones and those enable you to create digital art for free:

  • Procreate Pocket (recommended)
  • Sketchbook
  • Adobe Fresco
  • iArtbook
  • Medibang Paint


Digital Artist

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