How to Market Digital Products On Etsy – Tips And Strategies


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Optimize For Etsy’s Organic Search

Optimize the following aspects of your digital product listing:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Product images (best mockups from Placeit)
  • Price
  • Offering
  • Branding
  • Colors and aesthetics
  • Font

Use Paid Etsy Optimization Tools

Sale Samurai is an Etsy keyword tool optimizer that helps you rank higher on search queries. For example, if you add “digital planner” to your listing description, Sale Samurai will tell you how much “competition” that keyword has.

Many Etsy sellers and marketers use more than one Etsy market research tool to ensure they have the best possible chance of making an impact with their marketing.

Etsy optimization tools also help you see coming and going market trends.

Use Social Media Platforms

The usual advice is to create accounts on different social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest and promote your products there. However, the likelihood of getting potential customers that way is slim to none.

If you have a huge following on social media platforms, the situation might be in your favor. However, if you don’t have an audience on social media platforms, try to join different Facebook groups and Pinterest boards and interact in TikTok and Threads (for example) to gain that initial traction towards your products and social media accounts.

Another option is to promote your digital products through advertising on said platforms. Do calculate the ROAS (return on ad spend) to make sure it makes sense to use ads to promote your digital products.

Platforms to consider for marketing your Etsy digital products:

  • Facebook
  • Threads
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • X

It’s pretty hard to use social media to promote your content if you don’t have an existing audience already there. Starting a fresh account and gathering followers is a long-term game and won’t yield results for a while.

Focus On Perceived Value

Perceived value refers to how a customer personally assesses the worth or desirability of a product or service, often to a competitor’s offering.

Digital products don’t have tangible value the same way physical products do. Focus on increasing the perceived value of your digital products with the following methods:

  • Make your digital products look professional.
    • Design, colors, fonts, and overall presentation.
  • Use high-quality product mockups (best mockups from Placeit)
  • Add bonus content to make the product feel more valuable.
  • Have a slightly higher than average market price point.

Value is based on the utility it provides. There’s a difference between what you put inside the digital product vs. what the customer gets. Those are two different things. Remember that there’s no immediate value inside a product or a service.

What’s the value for the customer? Focus on what the customer gets, not how much effort, hours, etc., you spent on the creation of the product. Customers care about the results they get with your product, not how much time went into making it.

Create an Email Marketing Funnel


Email marketing entails sending commercial messages via email to a specific audience. This can include advertisements, business inquiries, or sales solicitations to potential or current customers.

If you have an email list, use an email marketing funnel to get those sales going. To succeed with email marketing, you should make sure your digital product is aligned with the audience you have on your list.

Marketing the right digital product to the wrong audience won’t get you anywhere. I use ConvertKit to do my email marketing and list building.

Email list-building strategies to use:

  • Squeeze pages
  • Content upgrades and gated content
  • Embedded signup forms
  • Loyalty and referral programs
  • Pop-ups and overlays

Leverage Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating, publishing, and distributing online content tailored to a specific audience.

Podcasts, YouTube, and blogs are all different ways to promote your digital product on Etsy. Placing a small promotional audio clip on your podcast or mentioning your product in your YouTube videos are ways you can entice customers to your Etsy store.

Using a blog’s side banner, footer, or header to promote your digital product is another effective way to increase sales while creating content to attract more and more people to your brand.

Use Discounts Strategically


Employing limited-time or exclusive discounts generates a sense of urgency, spurring potential customers to act swiftly before the opportunity vanishes. These discount initiatives can be strategically timed for holidays or special occasions to leverage heightened consumer spending.

Discounts can allure price-sensitive buyers who might have hesitated to buy your product at the regular price.

However, it’s crucial to use discounts carefully to safeguard the perceived value of your digital product. Frequent and substantial discounts can potentially erode the perceived value of your offering, causing customers to delay purchases in anticipation of future discounts rather than paying the full price.

Promote With Etsy Ads


Etsy ads are an effective way to boost your digital product visibility in Etsy searches. However, keep your eye close to the ROAS (return on ad spend) value and see if you are making or losing money with your ads.

If your ROAS is above 1.00, you make money with your ads. Otherwise, you are losing money with your ads. Try to aim for a 2.00 value or close to that (preferably an even higher value) to make the ad spend worth it.

When using Etsy ads, also take into account the costs of production and possibly distribution of your Etsy product.

Costs to consider when using ads to promote your digital product:

When you have your initial sales and reviews for your store, it’s easier to get the next ones. The start is always the most challenging part.

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