11 Ways to Promote Gumroad Products – Latest Tactics


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Gumroad SEO, Category, And Tags

In Gumroad’s product description section, you can define what your product is all about and what features and functionalities it offers. What kind of content can the customer expect to get, what guarantees are you offering, and is there social proof of any kind?

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Gumroad SEO is all about making sure the product description includes all relevant keywords (words customers use to search products in Gumroad Discover) so that customers can find your products.

In Gumroad’s Share tab (inside the product editing screen), you can set a relevant category for your product and write five tags for your product.

From the Share section, you can also choose the following extra options to promote your products on Gumroad:

  • Display your product’s 1-5 star rating to prospective customers.
  • Boost your product’s visibility in Gumroad recommendations.

Social Proof

Example image of a social proof that can act as a promotion.

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where individuals are swayed in their decision-making by the actions of others. In product marketing, social proof functions as substantiation, showcasing the appeal and practicality of a brand and/or product to consumers, ultimately steering the purchasing choices of potential and loyal customers.

Different ways to get customer testimonials and social proof for your product:

  • Have a beta group and ensure your customers get results, which you can add as part of your product description.
  • Send a follow-up email after a customer has bought your products and ask for feedback.
  • Have a feedback form or a link to a form to collect customer feedback, don’t forget to ask permission to use their replies as social proof.
  • Offer bonus content in exchange for a review.


Guarantees act as a safety mechanism for the consumer. 30-day money-back guarantees give customers that extra breathing room that if the product isn’t for them, they can get their money back. Gumroad offers a simple refund function, making the refund simple and easy to use.

Gumroad also has a policy switch/function you can activate so that customers can read your refund policy and terms of use before purchasing.

Image showing Gumroad’s refund function.

Discounts And Limits

Offering limited-time discounts or promotional codes can create a sense of urgency, encouraging potential buyers to purchase sooner rather than later. This approach not only enhances the perceived value of the digital product but also taps into the psychological appeal of getting a good deal.

Offering discounts too frequently can devalue your brand and digital products, so use discounts sparingly.

Using discounts sparingly helps maintain the perceived value of your offerings and avoids the risk of customers becoming accustomed to discounted prices, which might lead them to undervalue your products.

Gumroad also offers an option to limit product sales. The option will create a small ribbon for your product, informing customers the number of available products. This tactic can create a fear of missing out feeling in the customer.

Paid Advertising

Gumroad supports Google Analytics and Meta Pixel. You can find both options by navigating to Settings -> Third-party analytics page.

When using paid advertising, you must track ad spending, conversions, and the overall ROAS (return on ad spend). Also, consider that selling low-ticket items with paid advertising will quickly backfire as the ROAS likely shows negative values from the start.

Paid advertising can work well when selling high-ticket items like SEO courses. Otherwise, I would steer away from paid ads.

If you use the Meta Pixel (attach it to Gumroad’s third-party analytics tab), the most important value is the Purchase event. With this event, you can create a Lookalike Audience. A Lookalike audience simulates people closest to those who have already purchased a product from you.

Gumroad Boost

Image showing the boost function available on Gumroad.

Gumroad offers a boost option, which you can use to increase the visibility of your products in the Gumroad Discover feature. The higher the Gumroad fee, the better the boost. If you don’t have an audience or any sales, using the boost option can bring in those first sales and customer reviews, boosting your next sales.

You can activate and inactivate the boost option anytime you want.

With enough sales, reviews, and star ratings, you can inactivate the feature and enjoy higher profits going forward.

Remember that Gumroad fees are currently 10% Gumroad fee + 2.9% + 30¢ credit card fee. The boost fee is on top of the general fee Gumroad charges.

Bundle Discounts

One of the latest features of Gumroad is to offer bundle discounts. Bundling multiple products together and attaching a discounted price for them can entice customers to buy your products and possibly all of them at one sweet price.

You can also create multiple different bundles, taking that you have plenty of different products on offer. Make sure branding and product images are consistent to make the customer feel that your products are of high value and that the bundle looks professional with all of the products.

Get the best design resources from the following sites:


Example of product versions.

Versions are another way to promote your Gumroad products. Offering different versions of the same product can increase your sales and also expand the product variety you have on offer. Versions are closely the same thing as upsells and bundles but think of them as mini upgrades to the product the customer is already interested in.


You can create a new upsell offer by navigating to the Checkout -> Upsells page.

The idea with upsells is that the customer is already buying a product from you, but instead of buying just the selected product, you can offer an additional complementary product. The product you are offering has to make sense and be tied to the product the customer is already interested in buying.

Offer a slightly discounted price for the upsell product to make purchasing decisions easier for the customer.

The idea with upsells is that the customer is already buying a product from you, but instead of buying just the selected product, you can offer a complementary product. The product you are offering has to make sense and be tied to the product the customer is already interested in buying.

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Content Creation

To promote your Gumroad products, one of the most effective ways is to use social media platforms, your website, podcast platforms, etc. Content creation is at the center of the future creator economy, and being a small online business owner, gathering an online following is crucial for selling products of any kind.

Every content platform and social media platform has its pros and cons, but every time you post new content, don’t forget to promote your products.

Promoting your Gumroad products through content creation is a long-term game, and results won’t follow instantly.

Types of content you can create:

  • Written (blog, newsletter, ideas, and thoughts)
  • Audio (music, sound effects)
  • Video (short form, long form)
  • Visual (photographs, art, designs)

Follow-Up Emails With Workflows

Gumroad’s Workflows feature enables you to create automated email sequences triggered by customer interactions. With Workflows, you can create follow-up emails with specified intervals following their purchase.

This also means you don’t need an external email service provider like ConvertKit. With Workflows, you can drip course content, deliver monthly magazines, send extra products, or send personalized thank you messages after purchase.

Gumroad also offers abandoned cart emails that you can send and offer a discount to sway the customer to buy from you.



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