How To Sell AI Art Online – From Rags To Riches


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Key Takeaways

  • Understand your target audience, research what your competitors do, and differentiate your offering from the rest of the market.
  • One of the biggest marketplaces to sell AI art is Etsy.
  • Most searched AI art items are custom and personalized AI art.
  • The best AI art generator is Midjourney. Another great way to create amazing AI art is to use Stable Diffusion.
  • AI art is not automatically copyrighted, so anyone can use your creations as they see fit.

Research the Market and the Competition

The best way to start selling AI art or any other art form is to do extensive market research. While you might be tempted to sell AI art that you like, you should remember that you are not the customer, but it’s someone else.

Best ways to do market research:

Competition Research

You can study your competitors by visiting websites that sell AI art products you intend to sell. Good sites are EtsyCreative MarketGumroad DiscoverCreative Fabrica, Artstation, and any other marketplace you can think of that fits what you are selling.

Things to note when doing competitor research:

  • How many sales the competitor has made.
  • When was the business or store established.
  • Product images, videos, and overall branding.
  • Product title and product description.
  • Product pricing.
  • Product design and layout, incl. color choices, font choice, vibe, and tone of voice.
  • File delivery, incl. format, sizes, and features.
  • Customer service.
  • Customer feedback.
  • Who do they sell AI art to (business, consumer).

Explore Current Trends

When you go to your selected marketplace (the place where you want to sell your products), what kind of AI art do you see there? What comes to the top of the search results, and what can you learn from them?

Can you see trends, either passing or current trends?

Don’t forget that there are always trends happening in the art and design world, and some of the safest market trends are holidays. During holidays and for the holidays, people tend to buy different art to celebrate the holiday.

Christmas wall art for Christmas, Halloween bed sheets for Halloween, etc.

Some of the most known holidays when people buy a lot of merchandise:

  • Halloween
  • Independence Day (4th of July in the U.S.)
  • New Year
  • Easter
  • Black Friday
  • Spring, summer, fall, and winter sale
  • Thanksgiving
  • Beginning and end of school sale
  • Christmas sale
  • Cyber Monday

Niche Down On a Specific AI Art Style Or Topic

When you want to sell AI art, you must differentiate it from the other offerings. The only way to do that is to focus on a specific niche or demographic category (nature lovers, dog enthusiasts, tech “geeks,” etc.).

When you niche down with your topics, art style, and text prompts, you better understand the market you are getting into or are in currently. Offering everything for everyone has rarely worked (Walmart and Amazon are exceptions).

When you niche down, you can better understand what kind of AI art to sell and how to sell the AI art. What kind of typography to use in your product images, what kind of language, terms, or such to use in your copy, etc.?

When you know your target audience, you also understand what kind of art style they like, what are they expecting to see from the artwork, and how they want their point of interest to be shown in an artwork.

Create the AI Art

Midjourney generated AI art. Text prompt used: fashion illustration rick ownes measuring tape ruler Line Drawing grid dollar bill teen girl 8k hyper real grey background --ar 16:9. Image credits.

As you now know your target audience and what kind of artwork they would like to have, it’s only about the text prompt that you feed to the AI art generator.

If you are new to text prompts, check out our best Midjourney prompts or best Stable Diffusion prompts to get started. You can also use sites like PromptBase that help you find different text prompts as well as help you understand how to write different text prompts.

Creating AI art is more about understanding how to “talk” to a machine/algorithm than it is about creating art. It’s all about the text prompt and what you type in an AI art generator like Midjourney.

The text prompt will determine what kind of results you will get from the AI art generator.

Some of the best free AI art generators:

You can also create an NFT from your AI art and monetize it through platforms like OpenSea (and OpenSea Pro).

Check out: Best AI-generated print-on-demand products to sell online

Choose a Marketplace Or A Platform

Currently, Etsy, Artstation, and Redbubble are some of the biggest marketplaces that have seen an increase in AI art on sale.

If you are into course creation, Skillshare has mentioned in their in-demand class article that Stable Diffusion and Midjourney courses are something that people are searching for.

If you do not have an audience or a following yet, aim for a marketplace that can bring organic traffic to your store. All the ones listed above are such marketplaces that have millions of visitors every month.

Some marketplaces cost you a bit of money to list products for sale, such as Etsy. However, Artstation and Redbubble, on the other hand, do not cost you anything to list products for sale.

If you decide to use something like Shopify or your own website to sell AI art, then you need to drive traffic to your store through ads or SEO (search engine optimization). I wouldn’t recommend this path yet, as the AI art market isn’t as established as the traditional art market.

Best places to sell AI art:

Ways to Sell AI Art


AI art is a digital file, and with that comes many ways you can make money with AI art. You can sell AI art as a digital file, printable wall art, as a service, as an asset, etc.

Some of the ways you can sell AI art online:

  • AI art as a service (Fiverr, Upwork) – custom AI art according to client needs
  • NFTs
  • Print-On-Demand products
  • AI art resources
  • Printables and wall art
  • Coloring books and coloring pages

Use the Latest Sales And Marketing Strategies

Without good marketing and sales tactics, you might not make any sales. Listing your product for sale isn’t always enough to bring in those sales. You must also do professional copywriting, brand building, product images, and advertising.

There are many reasons why digital products like selling AI art can fail. Some of these are lack of market demand for your AI art, failure to price the artwork appropriately, lack of differentiation, etc.

Some of the best marketing strategies:

  • Marketing is about creating change that you believe in and sharing it with others who will also believe in it.
  • Consumers seek meaning, and the most successful marketing approaches prioritize empathy and connection with individuals.
  • To succeed, marketers must define and target a specific audience with a unique point of view and then engage with that audience through various channels and mediums.
  • The most effective marketing campaigns create a sense of urgency and scarcity, prompting consumers to take immediate action.
  • Storytelling is a key element of successful marketing, allowing businesses to engage with customers deeper and build long-term relationships.
  • To stand out in a crowded marketplace, marketers must constantly innovate and experiment, taking risks and adapting their approach as needed.
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Some of the best sales strategies:

  • The most successful salespeople have a positive mindset and believe in the value of their product or service.
  • Building trust and rapport is crucial in sales and can be achieved through active listening, empathy, and authenticity.
  • Successful salespeople understand and appeal to their customers’ deepest desires and motivations rather than focusing solely on the features of their product or service.
  • Effective sales strategies involve asking thoughtful questions, identifying customer needs, and tailoring the sales approach to meet those needs.
  • Closing the sale requires confidence, persistence, and the ability to address and overcome objections.
  • In order to achieve long-term success in sales, it’s important to continually learn and improve, seeking out feedback and seeking to refine one’s approach.
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Understand the AI Art Market

The AI art market is currently filled with a lot of art made by the Midjourney AI art generator. With that comes saturation in art style; it will be hard to differentiate your AI art from someone else’s.

As anyone can currently create AI art with a text prompt, it’s only expected that the AI art market will get saturated fast and with volume.

The way to get better at the AI art “game” is to find new tools to create better AI art and understand how to write better text prompts, including negative text prompts (when using Stable Diffusion).

Constantly studying the AI art market, and finding the latest trends and developments, will help you stay on top of the game and understand where the AI art market is heading.

The AI art market is new, and the average consumer likely does not notice the difference between digital art and AI art, which benefits current AI art sellers.

The Future of Selling AI Art

As the AI art algorithms and the way AI art is created fine-tune itself, we are expected to see more AI art on the market. AI art, while it looks amazing at first glance, there are still some basic mistakes visible, hands and fingers might look weird, eyes and irises look where they shouldn’t, a character might have four eyebrows, or the hair might start where it shouldn’t.

However, the potential of AI art can’t be denied. It has already transformed how social media marketing (templates, composition, etc.) is done and how studios of different kinds can create conceptual art instantly.

When technology advances, it’s only expected that we will see better AI art, more accurate artwork, and more artwork in terms of volume, and it could be that the digital art market will get saturated faster than ever before.

With AI art market saturation, handmade digital art might see a bump in demand if people start to notice the differences between handmade digital art and AI art.

AI art will penetrate the art market, but it’s hard to say whether it will do that in a good way or not.

Pitfalls of Selling AI Art

One of the biggest pitfalls of selling AI art is that anyone can buy your art and resell it for either a higher or lower price. AI art is currently not automatically copyrighted IP (intellectual property) the way digital art is.

This means that you can’t claim ownership of the art or set rules on how your art can or can not be used.

AI art is still a relatively new form of art, and there’s been a lot of talk about the ethicality of the art form. AI art is created by a machine that is taught by a set of images and texts. Those images are scraped from the internet without the copyright holder’s permission, thus creating an issue with the legitimacy of the AI art creation.

It might take time and legislation changes before AI art finds its place alongside the other types of digital art.

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