How To Sell Digital Planners Like A Pro


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Key Takeaways

  • Do extensive competition and market research before you start creating a digital planner.
  • Niche down to carve a new market or create a strong enough brand that can compete in the big league.
  • Create a design and functionality that speaks to your target market.
  • Improve digital planner offering by presenting features and add-ons that are not yet present in the market.

Get The Basics Right

We’ve gathered some of the obvious steps you need to take to sell digital planners.

# Of OrderStepObjective
1Market and competition researchStudy what currently sells in the market and what your competition is doing
2Design and improvementDesign the digital planner and improve it based on what is already available on the market
3Marketplace selectionChoose how and where you will sell your digital planner
4Pricing strategyEvaluate your competition and the pricing they use
5MarketingUse ads, social media, promotional discounts, and SEO to bring traffic to your store
Table covering the needed steps to sell digital planners successfully

When the basic steps are covered, it’s time to move on to more advanced topics, such as how to do competition research correctly and how to design your product to align with the target market.

Extensive Competition Research

The best way to understand your product category and what the competition is doing is to buy the competitor’s products. Study how they deliver the file, what kind of customer service they provide, what type of comments and suggestions they get from customers, and how you can improve your product based on the mentioned research.

What to look for when doing competition research for a digital product:

  • Price
  • Design and layout, incl. color choices, font choice, vibe, and tone of voice
  • File delivery, incl. format, sizes, and features
  • Customer service
  • Customer feedback
  • Sales
  • When was the business or store established
  • Product images
  • Product title and description

If you decide to sell your digital planner on Etsy, don’t forget to check Etsy keyword research and sales tools to get even more data.

Best keyword research and sales data tools for Etsy:

Niche Down Inside The Digital Planner Market

Digital planner search brings 416,988 results with Ads

Just typing a digital planner into Etsy will bring you over 400,000 results. It means you are competing against 400,000 other digital planner sellers. When you continue typing in the search bar, Etsy will suggest niched-down products to you.

Digital planner undated and stickers bring roughly 10% fewer results

Digital planner undated and stickers bring 4,948 results (incl. Ads). While Etsy is only one marketplace to sell digital planners, the search results show you the amount of competition this product category has and how you can niche down inside it.

If you believe you have a strong enough offering and branding, you can try and sell a digital planner that is more general than targeted to a specific customer group.

Check out: Best Etsy Alternatives For Selling Digital Downloads

Create Target Market Visuals

It’s a different thing to sell mindset-type digital planners than digital planners for sports and training. It’s best to study what kind of visuals are being used with different themed digital planners. When you have set your eye on a specific theme of digital planners you want to create, search the industry and see what kind of fonts, colors, layout, line width, and design they use.

If you were to create a digital planner for someone who exercises and does sports. Search for the sports industry and see what font, colors, and branding Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Reebok, for example, uses.

Things to keep in mind when designing a digital planner:

  • Color palette
  • Font and typeface (see the difference between font and typeface)
  • Overall branding and message
  • Layout and design choices
  • Customer preferences (customer avatar)
  • Size (A4, US letter, etc.), format (PDF, DOC, etc.), and file size (Mb)

Best resources to create digital planners’ visuals and design:

Improve Product Offering

There’s little to no point in doing what everyone else is already doing. Think about the ways you can improve the product offering. When you niche down, you are already making a product that is more targeted toward a certain customer group.

Study what your competition is offering and how you can make something better.

Best ways to improve product offering:

  • Gather customer feedback or read the feedback given to existing products (competitors)
  • Improve user experience and ease-of-use
  • Personalize the product for different customer segments (sports: runners, personal trainer, CrossFit, etc.)
  • Continuously iterate based on customer feedback
  • Add features that are not yet offered with digital planners

Where To Sell Digital Planners

Buyer and seller statistics of Etsy, 2021

One of the best places to start selling digital planners is on Etsy. Etsy is a massive marketplace with more than 96 million active buyers, all with a buyer’s intent. When selling digital planners, organic traffic is important. That’s why a marketplace like Etsy is a good option when you don’t yet have traffic that you can direct to your own shop on your website.

Other options to consider when selling digital planners:

Gumroad is the only option from the above list that offers a Discovery feature so that people can search for products. The other options require that you bring traffic to the shop.



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