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Are you looking for a way to start your own business without investing in physical products or services? Selling printables on Etsy is the perfect solution. Whether you’re an artist, designer, digital marketer, or entrepreneur, this creative and lucrative digital item can be created by anyone with a computer and internet connection.

Key Takeaways

  • Set up an account on Etsy.
  • Create your printables (Canva, Adobe).
  • Set a price for your printable (remember to do market research on your niche).
  • Optimize the listing (title, description, tags).
  • Promote your shop (SEO, ads, social media).

Set Up Your Etsy Shop

The first step in selling printables on Etsy is creating your own shop by setting up an account. You will need to provide basic information about yourself, such as your name, address, and payment details. Once this is done, you can start adding listings for your products. Ensure each listing includes clear product descriptions, so customers know exactly what they are buying.

Create Your Printables

After setting up your shop, it’s time to create the actual printables that you want to sell on Etsy. This could include anything from artwork or illustrations to templates or planners – whatever fits your brand identity best! If you don’t have any design skills of your own, there are plenty of resources available online where you can purchase pre-made designs at affordable prices.

You can use something like Canva to easily create printables, as Canva has plenty of different ready-made templates for you to tweak further. Make sure to check what other printable shop owners are selling. What do they include with the product, and what sizes do they offer the printable at?

List Of Printables To Sell On Etsy

  • Coloring Pages
  • Adult Coloring Pages
  • Mazes and Activity Books
  • Flashcards
  • Weekly Chore and Reward Chart
  • Save the Date Cards
  • Printable Labels for Wedding Favors
  • Table Numbers
  • Summer Worksheets
  • Bachelorette Party Games
  • Wedding Planner
  • Household Planner
  • Monthly Calendars
  • Weekly Planners
  • Daily Checklists
  • Meal Planners
  • Fitness and Health Trackers
  • Self Care Printables
  • Printable Wall Art
  • Printable AI art
  • Art and Decor
  • Savings Trackers
  • Budget Planners
  • Debt Payment Plan
  • Finance Planner
  • Cleaning Checklist
  • Credit Score Tracker
  • Greeting Cards
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Gift Tags
  • Invitations

Pricing Your Printable

When pricing your products for sale on Etsy, it’s important to consider both the cost of production (materials or resources used) and the item’s value (how much someone would be willing to pay).

If you have used resources from marketplaces like Envato Elements and Creative Market to create your printable, do calculate those costs too, when pricing your product.

To maximize profits while offering competitive prices, try experimenting with different price points until you find one that works best for buyers and sellers! Don’t forget to do market research and see how your competitors are pricing their products.

There’s no need to price your product lower or higher. You can also consider serving your customers better than your competitors by offering bonuses and extra gifts for the same price.

Different ways to price digital downloads like printables:

  • Value-Based Pricing Strategy (recommended)
  • Competition-Based Pricing Strategy
  • Cost-Based Pricing Strategy
  • Brand-Based Pricing Strategy (recommended)
  • Pay What You Want Pricing Strategy
  • Offer-Based Pricing Strategy
  • Option-Based Pricing Strategy

Optimize Your Listing Descriptions

Crafting well-written, detailed descriptions of your products is essential for success on Etsy. Make sure to include all relevant information about the product, such as sizes and delivery format (PDF, PNG, JPEG).

Also, be sure to use keywords that will help customers find your shop in search results (Etsy is a sort of search engine). Additionally, adding high-quality mockup images (you can find the best mockups from Envato Placeit) of your product help draw attention to your listings and boost sales.

Digital planner example: notice the title, product image (mockup), branding, and pricing (image source)

Optimize With SEO (Search Engine Optimization) In Mind:

  • Product Title (state clearly what you sell)
  • Product Description (describe clearly what the product is)
  • Product Tags (relevancy to your product is crucial)

Promote Your Shop And Products

Once you have created a few listings (it depends on your niche, but even 50 listings aren’t too much, if the niche is wall art, 500 listings and more are preferred), it’s time to start promoting them.

Use social media like Instagram and Facebook and visual search engines like Pinterest to showcase your products and build an audience for your shop.

You can also join Facebook groups related to selling digital products or printables on Etsy, which are great places for networking with other sellers and getting advice from experienced entrepreneurs.

Utilizing social media is key to successful selling on Etsy. Regularly post about new products or promotions to keep customers engaged with your shop. Engage with customers and others by liking their posts and commenting on their content; this can help create relationships between you and potential customers, which could lead to more sales.

You can also try out Etsy ads and see how some paid advertising could help you sell more and attract more visitors to your shop. Keep your eyes on the ROAS (return on ad spend) and whether your ads work for you.

Etsy ROAS example

It’s common to start experimenting with ads by spending something along the lines of $5-$10/day as an ad budget. While you spend money in the form of ads to get views and customers for your store, Etsy also brings customers your way if you have optimized titles, descriptions, and tags properly.

How To Promote Printables On Etsy

  • Use Etsy ads
  • Utilize social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook
  • Use SEO on product titles, descriptions, and tags
  • Publish content on Pinterest
  • Use high-quality product images and mockups (the best ones can be found from Envato Placeit)
  • Create seasonal offers and promotional discounts

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling on Etsy

Not having clear product descriptions and product title is one of the most common mistakes made by sellers on Etsy. When creating a listing, it’s important to include detailed information about the sold item.

Not providing this information can lead to confusion or frustration for buyers and could result in negative reviews or even lost sales.

Not offering quality customer service is another mistake that many Etsy sellers make. It’s important to respond quickly and professionally to all inquiries from potential customers and address any issues with existing orders promptly and courteously. Failing to do so can lead to poor reviews, damaging your reputation as an online seller.

Finally, failing to utilize SEO strategies when setting up a shop on Etsy is a mistake that should be avoided. Using keywords in titles and descriptions will help ensure that your products are seen by more people searching for items related to what you offer, leading to increased visibility and, hopefully, more sales.

Also, optimizing images with alt tags helps search engines index them properly, so they appear higher in search results pages, again increasing the visibility of your products online.

Common mistakes when selling on Etsy

  • Not having a clear product description
  • Unprofessional customer service
  • Not having done proper SEO for the product listings
  • Low-quality product images
  • Not using high-quality product mockups


You can easily create and sell printables on Etsy with the right strategies and resources. Create excellent product listings with high-quality mockups while leveraging Etsy ads and social media platforms to promote your printables. By avoiding common mistakes like not having enough product variety or pricing too high, you can increase your chances of success when selling printables on Etsy.

FAQs About Printables on Etsy

Can you still make money selling Printables on Etsy?

Yes, it is still possible to make money selling printables on Etsy. Etsy has a large customer base that is searching for printable wall art, printable planners, and monthly calendars, for example. Printables are an easy way to provide customers with custom artwork or designs that can be printed out at home.

What Printables sell well on Etsy?

  • Invitations
  • Fitness and habit trackers
  • Self-improvement printables
  • All kinds of planners
  • Product labels
  • Business cards

The above list is only some of the printable items that are seen selling well on Etsy.

How do I promote my Printables on Etsy?

To start, create eye-catching product photos or mockups that show off the quality of your work. Next, use relevant keywords in titles and descriptions so customers can easily find you when searching for specific items. Leverage Etsy ads and social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest to share images of your products with potential buyers. Consider offering discounts or free shipping as an incentive for shoppers to purchase from you.

How can I sell Printables legally?

To sell printables legally, you must first obtain the necessary copyright and trademark permissions from the original creator or owner of the resources you are using in your creations. Sites like Envato Elements and Creative Market have different licenses that determine how to use the resources obtained/purchased from those sites.



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