Is Anime For Kids? – Parental Guidance Needed


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While anime is often associated with kids’ cartoons and animations, it’s worth noting that anime can be extremely brutal and have a lot of violence. Anime is not only for kids but for adults too. Let’s explore the topic a bit more.

Key Takeaways

  • People often use the word anime to mean or describe cartoons or animations.
  • Anime is often associated with children or kids. However, anime films entertain both adults and children.
  • Anime is not only for kids but for everyone, regardless of age.

Anime Targeted for Children

While anime can be entertainment for children and adults, some are specific for children. Not all anime is for children, but some are exclusively for children, like Pokémon. Some types of anime are suitable for children, like kodomomuke, while others, like shōnen or shōjo, are meant for teenagers and adults.

Anime series and movies for kids and children often feature colorful characters, exciting adventures, and positive themes. They are designed to be age-appropriate and educational, while also entertaining and engaging for young viewers.

These productions often focus on friendship, teamwork, and overcoming challenges. They also promote positive values such as kindness, courage, and perseverance. The animation style is often bright and cheerful, with vibrant colors and fun character designs.

Examples of anime and movies for kids and children include “Pokémon”, “Sailor Moon”, “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, “Doraemon”, and “Yo-Kai Watch”. These animes’ have become beloved by generations of children around the world.

Anime Targeted for Adults

While many anime productions are geared toward children and teenagers, there are also numerous series and movies that are specifically aimed at adults. These productions often tackle mature themes and feature more complex characters and storytelling than those aimed at younger audiences.

Some anime series and movies for adults explore topics such as politics, war, and social commentary, while others deal with more personal themes such as love, loss, and identity. They may also feature more violence, sexual content, and profanity than those intended for younger audiences.

Examples of anime series and movies for adults include “Akira”, “Ghost in the Shell”, “Death Note”, “Attack on Titan”, “Cowboy Bebop”, “Paprika”, and “Perfect Blue”.

Before allowing your children to watch anime, checking out the parental guide rating is essential.

Parental Guide Ratings in Japan And U.S.

It’s worth knowing that Japan and the U.S. have different parental guide ratings.

Japan Parental Guide Ratings

In Japan, there are various rating categories for movies, TV shows, and other media that indicate the level of parental guidance that may be necessary for children to watch or interact with them. These ratings are managed by the Eirin (The Film Classification and Rating Organization of Japan) for movies and the Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization (BPO) for TV shows.

The rating categories for movies and TV shows:

  • All Ages: Suitable for all ages.
  • G – General Audiences: Suitable for all ages.
  • PG12 – Parental Guidance Suggested: Suitable for children aged 12 and above, parental guidance is advised.
  • R15 – Restricted to 15 and over: Suitable for viewers aged 15 and above only.
  • R18 – Restricted to 18 and over: Suitable for adults aged 18 and above only.

U.S. Parental Guide Ratings

In the United States, the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board are responsible for establishing and assigning ratings to movies and TV shows respectively, to help parents make informed decisions about what content is suitable for their children.

The rating categories for movies and TV shows:

  • G – General Audiences: Suitable for all ages.
  • PG – Parental Guidance Suggested: Some material may not be suitable for children.
  • PG-13 – Parents Strongly Cautioned: Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.
  • R – Restricted: Children under 17 require accompanying parent or adult guardian.
  • NC-17 – No Children Under 17 Admitted: Strictly for adults only.
  • TV-Y: Suitable for all children.
  • TV-Y7: Suitable for children aged 7 and above.
  • TV-G: Suitable for general audiences.
  • TV-PG: Parental guidance suggested.
  • TV-14: Parents strongly cautioned, not suitable for children under 14.
  • TV-MA: Mature audiences only, suitable for adults aged 17 and above.

It is worth noting that the exact rating categories may vary slightly depending on the organization and the type of media being rated.

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