Is Instagram Toxic For Artists? Uncovering The Truth


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Social media platforms, whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or YouTube, all share the same problem, and that’s toxic behavior from followers and viewers. While it would be easy to categorize that there are good and bad people, we should expand our minds and think that people do good and bad things. When we understand that people do good and bad things, we also have to understand that people might do things they think are appropriate while others think it is not.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram is as toxic as other social media platforms
  • Every single social platform has some amount of toxicity on them
  • You can avoid toxicity by disabling comments on Instagram

Toxicity On Social Media

Toxicity on social media refers to the negative or harmful behavior from users that can occur on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This can include things like bullying, harassment, hate speech, and spreading misinformation.

One of the main problems with toxicity on social media is that it can have real-life consequences. For example, someone who is bullied online may experience feelings of anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. In extreme cases, online bullying can lead to self-harm or suicidal behavior.

Another issue with toxicity on social media is that it can create a negative atmosphere that discourages people from participating in online discussions or expressing their opinions. This can lead to the suppression of free speech and the spread of echo chambers, where people only hear one side of a debate.

There are no groups or individuals that are immune to toxicity or that the toxicity does not reach. Happy-going people get negative feedback for being too positive and happy. Whereas sad or sorrowful people will get feedback for being too sad.

There are numerous cases of people sharing how they have received negative feedback and hateful comments and how they feel about it. Whenever you share something of yourself online, you are prone to getting feedback in various forms.

Avoiding Toxicity On Instagram

While it might feel like the point of social media is to enable comments and to reply to comments you get, you also have the option to disable the comments section for all of your Instagram posts. You can do this from the settings section:

  • Privacy and security -> Comments -> Edit comment settings -> Controls -> Allow comments from people you follow

This way, you will only get comments from people you follow, and if you follow 0 people, then 0 people can comment on your Instagram posts.

Disabling comments this way DO NOT affect how your posts are shown on Instagram or whether you will lose followers or don’t gain new ones. This has been tested, and there was no difference whether this setting was on or adjusted to something other.

There really is no other way to avoid toxicity on Instagram. Even if you feel that you haven’t done anything to upset the other person, you will still more than likely counter toxic persons or persons that generally do not agree with you, which can result in comments that are hateful or toxic towards you.

Choosing another social media platform to avoid toxicity

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid toxicity by choosing some other platform, as long as there is a comment section of some kind available for the person, there are chances that you can receive harmful messages. Many platforms have a setting to disable comments, Twitter is one platform that does not have such an option and is considered a rather toxic platform to be in. Twitter even got the top spot of being the most toxic platform online, according to research made by SimpleTextin.

FAQs About Instagram, Toxicity, And Social Media

Is Instagram bad for artists?

No. Inherently Instagram is neutral. Whether Instagram is good for you depends on how (reels, photos, long-form video) you want to share your art with the rest of the world. Instagram is strongly a visual platform so from that perspective it is good for artists. Why Instagram can be thought to be bad is that getting your art posts noticed can be difficult and growing an audience on the platform might take longer than growing for example on YouTube. Please read our article on what are the best social media platforms for artists, for more information.

Is Instagram still good for artists?

According to Meta’s quarterly earning reports, there are roughly 2.93B users using their product family (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc.). This means that there are roughly 2B people using Instagram and it’s estimated that around 1,000 posts are published every single second. Getting your work seen requires consistency, grit, perseverance, and high-quality posts from your side. Instagram can be good as any other platform, but hard work is required for growing an audience on the platform.

Should an artist have Instagram?

No. Instagram can be a good addition, but its’ not mandatory. TikTok, Vero, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, DeviantArt, Artstation, and other sites and platforms exist to post your artwork. The reason why people opt to use Instagram is because of the large audience it has and how some 2.93B people use it. So the likely hood of you finding fellow artists on Instagram is pretty huge.

How social media negatively affects artists?

If you are not careful your mental health can suffer from social media, so be careful of the following aspects of it:

  • Comparison game: You compare your art against some more established and more experienced artists and can feel inferior to them
  • Hate comments: As social media platforms have comment sections open for anyone to comment, you can receive hateful comments that can easily demotivate you from continuing your craft
  • Not getting your posts noticed: Social media platforms are huge, and the amount of content published every second can be overwhelming. When you don’t get reactions or engagement to your content, it can feel sad and depressing to continue using social media
  • Hamster wheel: Publishing content every day, all the time, can take a toll on you, so you have to evaluate whether you want to do social media the way it’s being taught online. There are other ways, too, and it’s your way.


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