Is It Bad to Draw Anime Art? Everything You Should Know


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Drawing anime art in itself is not bad or wrong. Anime art is an art style in the same way renaissance art, ukiyo-e, and pop art are art styles. Anime art and drawing anime art is an art style, and drawing in such a style is not a bad thing.

Key Takeaways

  • Drawing anime art is not a bad or wrong thing to do.
  • Anime art can help you have fun with your drawings.
  • As an anime artist, you can make a living in multiple ways, such as selling digital products, doing art commissions, or having a membership site for your fans.

Why Is Drawing Anime Art Good?

If you are just starting out, anime art as an art style gives you a lot of creative freedom. While you shouldn’t neglect art fundamentals, anime art can make the drawing process more enjoyable.

With anime art, you don’t have to focus so much on the realism part of the drawing but focus on aesthetics and having fun. There’s a time for learning art fundamentals, but drawing anime art can be a lot of fun while you are trying to master value, composition, and light and shadow, etc.

Anime Art Is an Established Art Form

Anime art is no recent invention. However, manga art came first, from which anime art as an art style was established.

Manga art is considered to be drawn as black and white images and published in comic books, light novels, or doujinshi.

Anime art is typically drawn using colors, and shading is done either using gradual rendering or cel shading. Anime art is typically used in posters or promotional material.

If you’ve ever been to Japan, then you know that anime, anime art, and manga are real and serious art forms.

Beautifully intricate anime art-style drawings are the work of Japan’s finest artists and can be viewed in museums nationwide.

Don’t Forget Art Fundamentals

While drawing anime art is not wrong or bad, it’s worth knowing that in anime art style, the art fundamentals are sometimes broken or exaggerated.

When you are only drawing anime art and don’t base them on art fundamentals, your drawings might lack the sense of realism that is needed to create believable anime art.

There are many ways to get better at drawing anime, and art fundamentals are only one way to get better at it.

Some of the best ways to get better at drawing anime art:

  • Learn the Fundamentals of Art
  • Develop a Drawing Style
  • Learn Basic Anatomy
  • Do Drawing Studies
  • Don’t Copy or Trace but Mix
  • Learn From Professional Anime Artists
  • Make Drawing an Enjoyable Experience
  • Learn How to Draw Basic Shapes
  • Don’t Get Discouraged
  • Accept Failure
  • Be Open to Criticism
  • Practice Constantly
  • Include a Story In Your Drawings

Drawing Anime Art For a Living

If you’re worried about people looking down on you for drawing anime art, consider this: thousands of people today make a living off their anime drawings.

Because of the internet, millions of fans support their favorite artists and buy merchandise with their exclusive designs.

As anime art grows more prevalent in mainstream culture, you have the potential to make some big bucks or perhaps have your own adoring fan base.

But if you’re not setting out to make a profit off your artwork, you can at least be sure that no one will look down on you for drawing anime.

Anime fan art of Kill la Kill anime series.

Becoming Wealthy With Anime Art

You might be worried that your anime art might appear “childish” or “cartoonish.” But if that were true, then fine artists like Takashi Murakami wouldn’t have the world-renowned reputation they do.

If you’re not familiar with Murakami, he’s a popular street and anime artist that was named one of the top 100 influential people by Time magazine.

Murakami works with a variety of mediums, including canvas, sculpture, and even familiar-looking anime figures. His works have graced the walls of museums, covers of albums, and urban jungle streets alike.

His use of bright colors, highly stylized eyes, and animals define his whimsical art style, and one of his works (the Lonesome Cowboy) is estimated to be worth $3,000,000-$4,000,000 USD. Anime art is anything but childish. It’s a true, bonafide art form with unlimited potential.

Crowdfunding and Getting Paid For Drawing Anime Art

Regardless of whether you’re a casual anime artist looking to replicate your favorite characters or looking to land your dream job as an illustrator in the industry itself, there’s a home out there for you.

Patreon and Gumroad sites enable designers and illustrators to connect with their fanbase and push exclusive content.

Fans can directly contribute to their favorite artists for a monthly fee and receive membership perks, merchandise, and more.

Patreon and similar sites have completely revolutionized the art industry. It’s enabled thousands of people to support themselves exclusively off their art, and many of those artists focus on the anime art style.

Take Patreon’s Studio TRIGGER, for example. Studio TRIGGER is a homegrown animation studio in Japan that found Patreon as a way for them to connect to international audiences and gain industry recognition. 

Anime Art and Digital Files

One of the most efficient ways to get paid for drawing anime art is to sell digital products on Gumroad, Etsy, or Artstation, for example.

You can create a video or a written art tutorial from the final illustration, which you can then sell as a digital product.

You can also sell the brushes you used when creating the artwork or any other side material you produced while drawing the artwork.

Show Your Anime Drawings to the World

If you’ve ever drawn in your life, then you know how nerve-wracking it can be to put your work out there. When people judge our art, it feels like they’re judging us.

Internet trolls are no help with that and can cause many artists to shut down in fear before ever posting their work.

Follow some fellow artists that you admire, big and small accounts alike. Post your work, and engage with your friends and followers.

With time, a highly interactive and engaged audience will follow you because they love your work.

That’s a pretty awesome feeling, and you’ll find that many of the subcommunities on Instagram, Deviant Art, and other sites can be a tight-knit circle.

Embracing Criticism

Just remember that if you do get a bad comment, shake it off. People tend to forget their filters when they go online, and there’s no telling what kind of day they’ve been having.

That goes for family members and friends too, who tease you about your art. Just because they don’t like anime art doesn’t mean there isn’t a massive community out there that does.

And if they’re skeptical, show them your Patreon or other artists with success stories.

To each their own, and the important thing at the end of the day is whether or not you’re happy. Your happiness is worth it, and your success someday is merely a perk of doing what you love. 


Anime art is trending among artists all over the world, not to mention the millions of fans who enjoy all sorts of anime content daily.

If there’s anything I’ve noticed as an anime artist, you can be confident that anime won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Take advantage of anime’s trending status and promote your own work today. If you’ve been fretting and asking yourself, “Is it bad to draw anime?” remember the countless success stories of people who make a living off doing what they love.

Your own success is right around the corner, whether that means making a profit, getting noticed, or even landing your dream job as an anime artist.



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