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Fundamentals courses cover all (work in progress) the needed art fundamentals for drawing beautiful anime art. Without a solid foundation, your artworks lack that high impact that can be achieved by knowing the art fundamentals. Start with the fundamentals, as those will affect the way your artwork is appreciated by leaps and bounds.



When you’ve gone through the fundamentals, start deepening your knowledge by going through courses that teach you the essentials about cel shading, line art, drawing digital art and more. Courses have templates and resources for you to get the most out of them.



Every month, there will be one or more workshops to experience. A workshop is a fantastic way to learn specific skills about a narrowly defined topic, such as ‘how to draw glass in anime style or how to draw metal in anime style’ or the like. The workshop’s theme changes every month, so there’s always something new to learn from the beautiful world of anime art.


Art Tutorials

Access monthly in-depth art tutorials that dive deep into the creation process of an artwork. I’ll be explaining how the artwork was created, why I drew the artwork, and what kind of choices were made during the creation process. Think of these art tutorials as a close-up look at a specific artwork, and remember that the question of why something was done in a specific way is what you must look at.

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