Line art mastery

How to draw professional line art even if you are just a beginner

  • 4 Main modules
  • 1 Secret Bonus module
  • 17 Video Lessons, 5+ hours of content
  • 3 Bonus resources
  • 2 x FULL line art video from start to finish
  • Professional Line art brushes
  • 5+ Sketches ready for line art
  • 7 FULL Resolution PSD & PNG -files
  • FREE Updates


$ 97
  • Price excluding VAT/GST

Class curriculum

The Foundation

  • Essential things to know before drawing line art
  • Drawing Tablet Settings
  • Canvas settings and preparations
  • Brush settings overview Adobe Photoshop
  • Brush settings overview Clip Studio Paint


  • Different stages of line art
  • Loose vs. Precise line art
  • Thick and Thin line art
  • Using textures in brushes
  • Foreshortening

Speed up your line art

  • Drawing lines with confidence & gradually
  • Draw line art fast and efficiently

Finalizing to professional level

  • Coloring line art
  • Final Adjustments to the Line art

+ Bonus Module +

  • Creating your own brush just for your needs
  • Transition from sketch to line art
  • The Secret Technique
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