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Key Takeaways

  • With the Mage AI art generator, you can use Stable Diffusion v1.5, v2.1, and SDXL free online.
  • Use top 80+ diffusion checkpoint models, 20,000+ LoRAs, and textual inversions without VRAM concerns.
  • The user interface is not the best to use, but with practice gets easier.
  • You can only generate one image at a time, but you can have multiple sessions (browser windows) open.

My Experience

“I think Mage is exceptional because you can use some of the best diffusion checkpoint models and LoRA models found online without worrying about hardware performance. You don’t need to do any local installation of Stable Diffusion and WebUI to actually generate images with Stable Diffusion. I think that’s one best part of this AI art generator. Pricing is in line with features. The only downside is the user interface and the overall user experience, as you can only generate one image at a time”.

Overview of Mage.space


Mage is an AI art generator that offers 80+ of the top checkpoint models, 20,000+ textual inversions, and LoRA models found online. The user interface may initially be challenging for newcomers, but it provides a range of features and customization options.

The generator supports text-to-image, image-to-image, and image-to-GIF functionalities. One of the key advantages of Mage is its collection of diffusion checkpoint models and LoRA AI art models, which enhance the quality and variety of generated artwork.

To assist beginners, Mage provides an ‘Easy Mode’ setting that incorporates common sense settings, ensuring high-quality outputs. However, the platform currently lacks outpainting and inpainting capabilities.

Regarding pricing, the platform offers a free plan that provides access to image generation and Stable Diffusion V1.5, V2.1, and SDXL. The Pro plan, costing $15/month, grants you access to all features, models, and resources required for creating exceptional AI art.

Notably, Mage eliminates concerns about VRAM and Stable Diffusion hardware or software requirements.

Features And User Interface


The user interface on Mage is not the best or the easiest to use when you first start to use the AI art generator.

The generator has text-to-image, image-to-image, and image-to-GIF options to choose from. The biggest benefit of the art generator is its selection of diffusion checkpoint models, featuring some of the best Stable Diffusion models and LoRAs.

When you select Advanced from the user interface, you get more customization options, such as steps (Sampling steps), guidance scale (text-prompt guidance), seed, negative prompt, and privacy option.

When you are doing image-to-image, remember to first type in your text prompt, negative text prompt, select all the needed settings, models, etc., and then select the image to be used in the image generation.

The results of using image-to-image generation.

As image generation can be difficult and hard to understand for beginners, Mage-space offers an ‘Easy Mode’ setting that you can enable from the UI (user interface). The setting will add common sense settings to your generation to ensure high generation quality.

Currently, Mage does not offer outpainting or inpainting capabilities.

Some of the best checkpoint models offered by Mage:

  • AnythingV3 & V5
  • Deliberate
  • DreamShaper
  • MeinaUnreal
  • NeverEnding Dream
  • RPG
  • Realistic Vision
  • Openjourney


The Explore part of the platform is a welcome addition. You can discover multiple art themes from the Explore page and see what other AI artists have created using different models.

By selecting an image, you can see the text prompt used to create the image, what diffusion model the artist used, the guidance scale, steps, etc.

By having a Pro plan, you can even continue from where the other artist left off (something Lexica offers for free). If you are on the free plan, copy the prompt and continue the image generation from there.

You can also find LoRAs on the Model Explore page. Favorite your top choices, and they’ll be readily available when you start creating. Simply select a base AI model and pair it with a LoRA and start generating AI art.

Explore topics:

  • Fantasy art
  • Anime
  • Characters
  • Landscape
  • Cyberpunk
  • Space
  • Paintings
  • Pop Art
  • Cubism
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design


Pricing of Mage.

Pricing in Mage is pretty straightforward. The free plan gets you your usual image generation and access to Stable Diffusion V1.5, V2.1, and SDXL, Basic plan ($4/month) is pretty useless as you won’t get any significant benefits with it.

Luckily the Pro plan, which costs $15/month, gives you all the features, models, and everything you need to create amazing AI art. The biggest selling point of the platform is that they offer various textual inversions, LoRAs, and over 80 checkpoint models without you having to worry about VRAM and Stable Diffusion hardware or software requirements.

With the Pro plan, you can also create unlimited images, which is a bonus. You can also use all of the generated images commercially, whether you are on the free or paid plan.

Check out: Copyright and Ownership in AI art

Pros And Cons of Mage

You can use over 80+ of the top checkpoint models, 20,000+ textual inversions, and LoRAs found online.You can only generate 1 image at a time. You can increase this by having multiple sessions open (browser windows), which hinders the overall user experience (UX).
Pricing.The user interface is not the most intuitive.
Offers image-to-image and Text-to-GIF generation.No outpainting or inpainting (at the time of writing).
You can create images privately (even with the free version).
A proprietary model called JadeDefiant, created by a community member SilasAI6609.
Unlimited creations.
Image generation is relatively fast.
The overall art quality is dependent on the checkpoint model you’re using and the text prompt.
A table detailing the pros and cons of using Mage.

Feature image credits.



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