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Written by Juha

Today, it’s easier than ever to read and enjoy manga right from your phone. Whether you’re running iOS or Android, there’s an app out there for you, so you can take your favorite characters on the go.

Not only are manga reading apps easy to use, but they’re also ultra-convenient. Start reading manga the day it comes out, without having to wait.

Low-cost memberships are available to help you save some cash and clear a space off your bookshelf. So which manga reading app is the best? Let’s take a look at the top ten apps for reading manga on the go.

Manga Browser


At a Glance

  • Available for Android
  • Free to use
  • Search multiple manga databases

Manga Browser has been on the Play Store for quite some time but hasn’t exactly amassed stellar reviews. According to some users, it tends to crash a lot.

Others have pointed out that Manga Browser simply offers access to some large manga databases online, which are frequently copyright struck.

Lots of apps do this, including some on this list, but Manga Browser’s sources seem to be somewhat unreliable. So when it comes to stability, Manga Browser doesn’t have much to offer.

However, it’s definitely a step up from simply reading in your mobile browser.



At a Glance

  • Available for iOS, Android, and Windows
  • $4.95 a month for manga
  • $11.95 bundle for anime and manga

Crunchyroll has the reputation of being one of the most popular apps for streaming anime content.

Their website and app is user friendly and has a larger selection of content compared to some of the other apps on this list. In recent years, they’ve expanded their content to include manga, which you can access through a separate app rather than the main Crunchyroll anime app.

If you already have a Crunchyroll membership for anime, you can bundle for $11.95 to have unlimited access to manga as well. You’ll also get a pretty decent discount in their online store.

While the anime app is quite flawless, it looks like the developers still have a few improvements to make on the manga reader. However, Crunchyroll has excellent customer service, making it a reliable app for you to use.

It would be more convenient if you could access both anime and manga in the same app, but for now, you’ll have to have two separate apps under one membership.



At a Glance

  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Free to use
  • Social interface

MangaZone is a more polished version of apps designed to source manga from online databases. It boasts over 15,000+ titles in its collection, sourced from sites like MangaHere and MangaPanda.

The user interface is fairly easy to navigate and doesn’t seem to have as many issues with crashing or freezing as some other apps do.

One of the more interesting features MangaZone brings to the table is a social function, where you can leave comments and chat with other members.

Other fan-favorited features include iPad/tablet support, 8 supported databases, and offline-reading.



At a Glance

  • Available for iOS
  • Free to Use
  • Minimal Ads

MangaLife gets points for their simple and straightforward approach to reading manga. They also source from 14+ different online databases, which means their selection is massive.

Not only that but if one website gets struck, you’ll have plenty more to choose from. At this time, they don’t have an app on the Play Store, but they do support cloud backup, which means you can sync your reading from PC to iOS at any time.

MangaLife’s app isn’t exactly the most eyecatching, but it certainly gets the job done, and it looks like they’re making improvements every day. Some users have also reported that there are few ads on the app, which is great for uninterrupted reading.


At a Glance

  • Available for Android
  • It was taken down by Japan’s Government
  • Huge following

As of January 2021, MangaRock is no more. That’s because the Japanese government began making changes to its copyright laws and the use of the intellectual property.

After a complicated battle in the legal system, MangaRock met its end. That’s not to say it won’t come back, however.

It appears there’s still an app on the Play Store, and you can follow the unofficial subreddit to check for updates.

In the meantime, when you try to navigate to MangaRock’s website, you’ll get redirected to INKR, another popular reader, instead.

Unfortunately, many beloved manga readings apps are taken down every day. There’s quite a lot of discussion about this, especially since the Japanese government apparently began to discuss copyright violations in cosplay and fan art.

No one’s quite sure what the future will hold for manga reading apps, but if you’re worried about losing access to your content, stick with a legit app (such as direct from publisher ones) instead.

Not only will you have permanent access, but you’ll be directly supporting the artists as well. In the meantime, it’s unclear if whether or not MangaRock will emerge from its ashes.

Manga Geek


At a Glance

  • Available for Android
  • Free to Use
  • 40,000+ titles in multiple languages

Manga Geek is a massive sourcing app that”s popular among users from all over the world. They host manga in a variety of different languages and update daily.

Sadly, like some of the other big names on this list, it’s not without its own legal drama. According to some, Manga Geek disappears from the Play Store from time to time but reappears not too much longer afterward.

The bigger and more popular a manga reader is, the more likely you’re going to run into unexpected redirects and shutdowns. But at least the app is quite stable and has few bugs, making it a worthy addition to your library.

VIZ Manga


At a Glance

  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Some titles available for free
  • Straight from the publisher

If you’re not familiar with VIZ, they’re one of the biggest names in the anime and manga industry. They originally started off as a publishing house for manga, and they’re the geniuses behind the Shonen Jump magazine.

With their app, you can browse the entire Shonen Jump library, which includes some of the most well-known manga titles ever.

For $1.99, you can sign up for their premium membership, which gives you full access to the Shonen Jump library (you’ll still be able to read the first few volumes of most series for free).

For other titles, you’ll have to purchase them one at a time since you are buying directly from the publisher.

Compared to print prices, it’s not much, however, and you’ll have exclusive access to that content forever.

Unlike a good number of apps on this list, VIZ is totally legit, and you won’t ever have to worry about copyright strikes or poor quality.

Because VIZ is official, that means you’ll likely have to wait longer for a manga to come over from Japan. However, the translations will be a bit better than some other fan-made sites.

INKR Comics


At a Glance

  • Available for iOS and Android
  • A large amount of free, ad-supported content available
  • Full access for only $4.99 a month

When MangaRock went down in flames, they redirected their users to fellow manga reader INKR Comics. INKR and MangaRock have a lot of similarities.

For one, the library is massive, and they make every effort to ensure that new manga is posted as soon as it’s available.

They have great user communication and have built somewhat of a cult following. What sets INKR apart is its aim to include indie artists and smaller mangas on the site.

Even for the larger, more well-established manga, artists are able to directly engage with fans and keep in touch, which is neat.

Another interesting feature is the use of coins, which users can earn by reading on the app. These coins can then be used to directly support artists or purchase content on the app.

INKR is a huge breakthrough for rising manga artists and is home to some exclusive content that you won’t find anywhere else. Even if you don’t want to pay for the monthly membership, a large portion of their library is still available with ads.

And, according to INKR, the purpose of ads is really just to be able to provide free content to users.

Unlike its wayward brother, MangaRock, INKR is 100% legit and won’t be taken down anytime soon. If you want the exclusivity and large library of MangaRock, try downloading INKR Comics instead.

Manga Toon


At a Glance

  • Available for iOS and Android
  • 4.4 stars with over 400,000 reviews
  • Access content by purchasing coins

Manga Toon just might have the most users out of all the sites on this list. On the Play Store, it has over 400,00 reviews (and an incredible 4.4 stars). What are the users saying about Manga Toon?

It has a large library, and a good portion of it is completely free. They operate a little differently than other databases, having a system where users can “pay-per-view” for certain comics.

The app uses its own currency, called coins, which start off at 100 coins for $0.99.

You can still have a pretty stellar reading experience without ever having to pay, however. In particular, Manga Toon often promotes its users’ own work and selects a new comic each week to be imported to the app. 

Those user-submitted stories are free and pretty amazing, too. The social and community features of Manga Toon’s app make for an enjoyable, all in one experience for die-hard manga fans.

It also features manga in many languages and updates daily. As a legit app, you won’t ever have to worry about it being taken down.

Manga Reader


At a Glance

  • Available for Android
  • No download limits
  • 20+ databases

If there’s any word that Manga Reader loves, it’s unlimited. Manga Reader promises unlimited everything: titles, downloads, offline viewing, and more.

They pull from 20+ databases, which is more manga than one could ever read in a lifetime. That doesn’t include licensed manga, however, according to their app description.

Manga Reader does use ads to support itself, but they don’t seem to be too invasive. One of the biggest claims Manga Reader makes is its seamless reading interface.

The reading interface does have quite a few options and features to enhance your reading experience.

On Android phones, you’ll be able to use your volume button to change the page, and the toolbar will allow you to bookmark, zoom in, and rotate, among other things.

The most common complaint among users is glitching in the reader, however. Apparently, some pages won’t load properly, making it impossible to get through an entire volume.

Overall, Manga Reader isn’t an entirely bad choice. If you’re looking for some of the more popular names in manga, you probably won’t find them here (or if you do, they’ll be a bootleg).

Manga Reader does seem to be a popular place for fans of webtoons and fan comics, so you might consider it if that’s appealing to you.

Which Manga Reading App Is The Best?

The popularity of manga today means that there are more than enough options on the market for you to read. Whether or not you choose a legit reader or unlimited access reader is up to you.

Just keep in mind that those non-legit readers are taken down on the regular and may not reappear. If you’re deeply invested in a series, the last thing you want is to lose access to it forever.

But new names in the game like INKR Comics offer a great way to read for free while still supporting your favorite artists.

It’s always a good idea to download a few apps at once, so you can browse each of them and get a feel for what they offer. Eventually, you’ll find the perfect app that you can make your “home.”

Happy reading!

Table Of Contents

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