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In-depth art tutorials

Some artworks are explained in full detail, and you will learn why an artwork was created the way it was. You will experience my thought process as well as hear the reasons different decisions were made during the drawing process.

Think of these art tutorials as a close-up look to a specific artwork and remember that the question of WHY something was done in a specific way is the thing you have to look at.

A crash course on anime and manga art

If there’s one course I would like you to take notice of, it’s this! In this course, I will guide you from the very beginning of drawing anime and manga art to a better understanding of anime and manga art fundamentals.

I will show you how to draw anime and manga eyes, nose, ears, and other facial features. I will also show you the anime character proportions as well as show you how to draw manga face from scratch. Together with you!

Think of this as a complete and ever-evolving course on how to draw authentic-looking anime and manga art. At the end of the experience, you know what makes manga look manga, and you can feel confident when drawing your own manga characters.

Current lessons

Lessons in 4K resolution

Line Art Mastery Online Course

Ever felt like you just can’t’ get the line look just the way you want. You feel like your lines are just lines but not line ART. I can totally relate. I was in your position not too long ago. I was struggling to create beautiful line art until I learned everything there is about line art.

Now, I can confidently create precisely the line art I want, and in this fully-fledged course, I’m going to be showing you exactly how I create line art and what you need to understand when making your lines.

There are four main modules, 17 lessons and a bonus module. In this course, I will hold nothing back, and you can truly see how I create line art that deserves views.

Class curriculum

The Foundation


Speed up your line art

Finalizing to professional level

+ Bonus Module +

Every content inside the collection is available for you from the very start you become a patron. All tutorials, courses, resources, everything!

Professional drawing process course

I get a lot of questions about how I create my drawings. What tools I use, what brushes, etc. How do I approach the creative process, and what steps do I take to create my drawings?

This mini eCourse will show you exactly how I create most of my artworks step-by-step. You will witness the whole drawing from the very beginning to the very end. No step is missed, and no secret is left behind. You will experience it all.

There’s a total of 10 steps which I take to produce my anime and manga art and each step is shown to you through in-depth video lessons.

Art Bundles

PSD-files, CSP-files, high-resolution images of the final artwork, color palettes, progress shots, and other fantastic resources can be found inside the bundles. The bundles are ever-growing, so you can expect to get these more and more as time passes.

These bundles let you experience the artworks in high-resolution, and by wandering through the layer structure, you will learn how I arrange layers to create the very best results I’m capable of.

There’s currently more than 20 bundles to discover!

Brushes and Resources

I use Adobe Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint to create my artworks, and if you use either of those, you are in luck. I’ve created a bunch of brushes and made custom tweaks to my sketch brushes, among others. From the resources, you can download the brushes I use and try them out yourself and, more importantly, tweak them further for your own liking. Most of the brushes are optimized for 1024 pressure sensitivity, but after switching to Cintiq 24 Pro, future brushes will be optimized for 8K sensitivity.

Clip Studio Paint Pro now supports Adobe Photoshop brushes!


Anime Artist's Starter Guide eBook

When I was starting to draw digital art, everything was new to me. I didn’t know what to think about digital art or even how to draw. I kind of started from the beginning. I was scraping information through various sites, trying to get a complete picture, however, only ending up with a fractured picture of how to approach it all.

That was the reason why I collected 5 of the most important tips you should know as an aspiring digital artist. The guide also has a checklist for creating that professional line art. And to top it all, I’ve gathered 52 tips that every anime artist should know.

The guide has plenty of insights, tips, guidance, and help for beginners and advanced anime artists. If you want to start drawing anime art digitally, this starter guide is superb for you.

Hello! I'm Juha.

Hi there!

My name is Juha Ekman, a.k.a Okuha, and I love drawing anime and manga art. My first experience with anime and manga was probably when I rented an animated movie called Akira. I was hooked. I was blown away, and I was just totally in awe of the beauty anime represented. I guess that was the moment I started to draw anime characters.

It's not easy

Today I consider myself an anime and manga artist. I feel like it’s the only form of art I truly get and know how to draw. However, I have to admit the beginning wasn’t too easy. I struggled to draw eyes in proportion. I didn’t know anything about line art, and nothing about digital art in general. Through time and consistent studying, I was able to get where I am now.

Self-taught all the way

I’ve never had any formal art education. So the stuff you see here is learned by studying and drawing by myself. If you are in a spot where you are thinking of going to an art school, I can say that the results you see in front of you can be achieved without a school. It’s all about learning from others and drawing consistently. Schools are good in some sense, but I believe that is not a must. You can learn, you just have to believe in yourself you can.

You can draw

My first drawings weren’t that great. They actually suck quite a lot, but that’s the thing. You need to draw, practice, study, and draw some more. And eventually, you will see how you’ve progressed. It doesn’t even take that much time, but it does take work. I’ve been drawing almost daily, but at some point, I even took a year off and didn’t draw pretty much anything. But I got back into it, and it feels good to draw again. To create something new, something others haven’t seen yet. You can do that too.

Bring your visions alive

Drawing anime and manga art opens up massive opportunities. I get commissions requests regularly. However, time is super limited, and sadly I can’t embark on those. Think about it, when you have a skill that people admire, you can make anything with it. Create your own t-shirt designs, create your own manga comic, create prints, artbooks, whatever comes to your mind. Anime and manga art is super beautiful, and when you know how to draw it, people will notice.

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The Collection

$ 5 Per Month

By becoming a member/patron you agree to Patreon’s and Okuhas Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. You might be applicable to VAT/GST, this will be added to the final price.