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What's included in the Membership

In-depth art tutorials

Discover the why behind an artwork

Inside the membership site, you will gain access to in-depth art tutorials that dive deep into the creation process of an artwork. I’ll be explaining how the artwork was created, why I drew the artwork, and what kind of choices were made during the creation process.

Think of these art tutorials as a close-up look at a specific artwork, and remember that the question of why something was done in a specific way is what you must look at. The tutorials are either written or video, or both.



Learn a new skill

Every month, there will be one or more workshops to experience. A workshop is a fantastic way to learn specific skills about a narrowly defined topic, such as ‘how to draw glass in anime style or how to draw metal in anime style’ or the like. The workshop’s theme changes every month, so there’s always something new to learn from the beautiful world of anime art.


Gain comprehensive knowledge

Gain exclusive knowledge in essential techniques such as cel shading, lighting effects, and line work, equipping yourself with the skills to bring your anime and manga creations to life.

The membership site gives you access to multiple courses that have already delighted hundreds of students across different platforms. However, now they are part of the ever-growing membership experience.


Digital Art Brushes for Clip Studio Paint

Get professional anime art tools

It has taken a lot of time and effort to tweak and create these brushes for creating my own artwork, and now I’m finally able to share them with you. This brush pack is perfect for beginner and advanced digital artists looking to add that Japanese flair to their digital illustrations.

From the brush pack, you will find more than 30 different brushes, including special kanji calligraphy brushes, 6 flower stamp brushes, and 3 tools, and you also get a quickstart guide on how to use the brushes.

What you get

Exclusive Access


Have burning questions about anime art or digital illustration, or maybe just want to chat about the latest anime series and its anime art style? Get direct access to me through community chat or direct messages, where I’ll address your queries and share valuable tips.

Community Access

Connect with fellow patrons in our exclusive community chat. Share your experiences, seek advice, and foster a supportive environment with like-minded anime artists and anime enthusiasts. We are there for you whether you want to talk about the latest anime series or anime art styles. We all like anime and anime art and can’t wait to meet you!

No Limitations

Once you sign up, you have access to all the resources, courses, brushes, community, tutorials, workshops, and more. There is no gated content after payment; everything is yours to experience at your own pace. The membership site is structured so that it’s easy to learn a new skill when you desire.

Growing Library

Every month, you gain access to new content, whether it’s a workshop, art tutorial, a course, new brushes, etc. Every month, there’s something new to discover, experience, and enjoy.

“Every content inside the membership site is available from the start when you become a patron. All tutorials, courses, art resources, workshops, community, everything!”

How To Decide If the membership is right For You

If you’re trying to decide if this is right for you, ask yourself these questions…

Ask yourself...

If you answered yes to most of the questions, then we will wait for you inside the Anime Art Membership site!

Few thoughts

I get asked frequently for tips and techniques on how something is drawn or how I created this or that.

I like to help people, but what’s more efficient is collectively sharing knowledge.

You see. Via the membership, I am able to share everything I know instantly with you. There is so much content and knowledge there that I am sure you will learn new things quite fast.

I also like the idea of bringing like-minded people together. Anime art and anime are the things that bind us together.

You might also be thinking that you are too old to start drawing. That is not so true. There is no certain age that is fit for progress. Think about it. Is age really a problem if drawing and creating art is something you want to do and would like to get serious about? No. You can be an amazing artist at any age.

One of the biggest level-ups I noticed was when I learned a workflow for creating anime art (that’s waiting inside the membership site). It immensely sped up my drawing process. I could focus on creativity rather than technique.

We love to draw and create anime art, and we shouldn’t be afraid to share that passion with each other.

Unlock Anime Art Membership by becoming a patron! New content is uploaded monthly on top of what you already get by supporting me!

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Anime Art Membership




The payment charge happens immediately when you become a patron/member, and monthly after that. Cancel anytime.

Powered by Patreon

By becoming a member/patron you agree to Patreon’s and Okuhas Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. You might be applicable to VAT/GST, this will be added to the final price.


The Anime Art Membership site is an online learning platform for anime and manga art enthusiasts and artists. It’s for artists who want to learn how to draw beautiful anime art through various art tutorials and workshops while supporting an artist through Patreon.

As a cherished member, you’ll have unlimited and instant access to all the membership sites’ art resources, courses, brushes, workshops, etc. You can experience the content when and where you want, and you will also get access to a vibrant community of other anime fans and anime artists like yourself.

Just click this link or type okuha.com/dashboard into your internet browser. To get access to the membership site and its content, you need to be an active member of my Patreon page. You can become a Patron here.

Community: Our community resides in a private Discord server. When you sign up for the membership, you will see a section called Quick Links under the welcoming message (Membership tab inside Patreon). Within the Discord community tab, you can see a button, ‘Connect to Discord’; just click that to connect yourself to our Discord server. Once the connection has been made, you will get a ‘Member’ role on the server, and you are good to go.

Try clearing your browser’s cache and then logging in to Patreon, and you should be able to access the membership site with no problem.

Do also watch the Welcoming Video, as it has some helpful information on how you can access the site.

Patreon is a monetization platform operated by Patreon, Inc., that provides business tools for content creators to run a subscription service and sell digital products. It helps artists like myself earn a recurring income by providing rewards and perks to you. I use Patreon to collect subscription payments and provide access to the membership site for you.

I recommend using either Procreate, Clip Studio Paint (my choice) or Adobe Photoshop. You can use other art software too, but the best results are gained with the mentioned three art software.

But then again, there’s no limit to what you can use, as long as it can handle PSD files you do fine.

Obviously, you need a computer. You also need art software that can open .psd -files. Standard Photoshop file format. Do check that your art software can open those file formats. They more than likely can open those. The files could be heavy for your computer because of their full resolution size. Then again, it is also the best possible quality you should see the art in.

Absolutely. All my products/services/memberships have a 30-day full money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not happy with the purchase, just send me an email with the subject line REFUND REQUEST to this email address: contact@okuha.com, and I’m more than happy to give you your money back.

As I’m a solo entrepreneur, please do give me a few days to provide you with a refund as I might be out of town or maybe even on vacation. I will happily refund you your money as my goal is to make sure every customer (especially you) is happy with their purchase.

Do read the full refund policy on Terms of Use if needed.

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