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My experience

“While Midjourney produces some of the best AI art, it can’t beat user-generated Stable Diffusion checkpoint models and merges. The beauty of SD checkpoint models is that there’s basically a model for every art style and need. If checkpoint models are not your thing, I suggest you check out Playground AI”.

  • Mage.space is one of the easiest platforms to use and has over 60+ checkpoint models.
  • Playground AI is a close contender with its easy-to-use interface and plethora of features.


Image created with the NeverEnding Dream checkpoint model available on Mage.space. Image credits.

Mage.space is free (to a certain extent), and you can create unlimited images with it. However, with the free plan, you can “only” use Stable Diffusion v1.5 and v2.1. The paid plan of $15/month gives you access to all of the 60+ models Mage.space has on offer.

What makes Mage.space unique is that you get instant (tech hassle-free) access to some of the best AI art diffusion models found online.

With Mage.space, you can also adjust safety & nsfw (not safe for work) on and off from the settings area (included in the $4/month plan). From the settings, you can adjust all your creations to be private and not visible to others.

Playground AI

Images generated with the Playground AI platform.

Playground AI is free to use (1,000 images/day) AI art generator and, has to say, one platform to keep an eye on. The team is constantly developing the generator and adding new features to it, such as Canvas which enables you to do inpainting and outpainting, something only a few AI art generators offer.

Playground AI has an intuitive user interface, and it’s fun and easy to use. The easiest way to start using the platform is to use your Google account to sign in.

You have a lot of the same options available as if you were using Stabel Diffusion locally from your computer. You can adjust prompt guidance, seed, number of images, negative prompts, make creations private, etc.


Image created with the DucHaiten-StyleLikeMe checkpoint model found in Sinkin.ai. Image credits.

Sinkin.ai is an extremely simple AI art generator that relies on user-generated models. The free plan gives you 30 credits to work with, and you can buy more credits or get plans between $10-90/month. The paid plans will give you 2,000-20,000 credits/month, depending on the plan you choose.

Credits are used based on image generation complexity. Generating one image can cost 1+ credits, so it’s not 1:1 credit/image.

Sinkin.ai has some of the best checkpoint and LoRA models available and is a similar service as Mage.space.

Stable Diffusion (Local Install)

Images created with different checkpoint models available for the SD (Stable Diffusion) base model. Downloadable form Civitai.

If you are not afraid of configuring Windows Batch files, and installing multiple different software to your computer, then using Stable Diffusion locally is the best option. After the initial installation hassle, you can download any checkpoint model, LoRA, hypernetwork, textual inversion, etc., you like from Civitai.

The best thing about local Stable Diffusion is that you can generate as many images as you want, there are no fees, so the only thing you need to worry about is the hardware requirements for running Stable Diffusion.



Getimg.ai is another fantastic AI art generator. You will get 100 credits to be used every month, and one of the best parts about Getimg is its features. With Getimg, you can create image-to-image, AI avatars, product shots, do outpainting, and style replications.

You can also find some of the most popular diffusion models from the site, such as Realistic Vision, Deliberate, Openjourney, Inkpunk Diffusion, Midjourney PaperCut, etc.

I think Getimg produces solid results even if you are a beginner and don’t know a lot about text prompts.

Other Alternative AI Art Generators for Midjourney

While the above list already gives you the best alternatives to Midjourney. Below are some AI art generators you might find interesting:

Check out: Midjourney vs. Stable Diffusion

Feature image credits.



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