I have one goal:

to help you design your blog and online business while working full time job

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Hi, I'm Juha.

I’m here to talk about money, online business, blogging and more than anything, personal development. How one can become the best version of themselves. Breaking limits, finding new energy levels, discovering your inner strength to achieve what you once thought impossible.

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The site has ever-evolving content for the ones that want to evolve as a person, to become the strongest entrepreneur, blogger, and an online business owner. You are limited in time but not in the drive you have inside you to become free of your full time job. Got ya! I’m here for you, and the content on this site is made to help you.

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The Premium platform is still in beta version and soon will be launched as a 1.0 version. If you’re looking for more hands-on help, free consultation, and support then come and join the premium. You’ll get access to all of the exclusive resources, courses, workbooks, checklists, and training.

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done - Bruce Lee

Shortly about me

I love cheeseburgers, reading inspirational and motivational books, listening to podcasts about money and of course making money. My job here is to help you design your blog and online business from the ground up and make money online with the skills you have.

I’m a happily married young father with two small and damn energetic boys. I currently live in Finland (where there is almost always cold but the purest air), and this is my online business of success. Passion project where all things are possible and nothing is an obstacle.

This blog is dedicated for you who want to design your online business while working full time job. For you who has no time to spend but all the drive to build an online business and a blog for yourself.

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