My Honest PixAI Review – Pricing, Features, Use Cases


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What is PixAI?

PixAI is a web-based AI (artificial intelligence) anime art generator service. PixAI allows you to generate anime-style artwork from text prompts. PixAI also offers real-time art generation, comic generation, and animated comic generation.

PixAI is solely focused on anime art creation, so if that is what you are looking for, PixAI is one of the best in the market, and it even has a free plan that satisfies a lot of anime image generation needs.

Using PixAI


Using PixAI is a breeze and the user-interface feels intuitive. What makes PixAI highly exciting is the number of different high-quality AI art models available on the platform. What makes it even more special is the fact that majority of those models are aimed for anime art generation.

All image generation features, image customization, models, LoRAs, settings, etc., are available whether you are using the free or paid plan.

PixAI is mainly used for anime art generation, but it can be used for other purposes too.

Key Features

Anime Art Generation: PixAI is fully focused on serving AI artists who want to generate AI anime art using text prompts.

Highly Customizable: PixAI’s user interface lets you modify many aspects of image generation, such as Sampling steps, CFG Scale, Face Fix, HiRes, etc.

Multiple Models and LoRAs: You have a plethora of models, LoRAs, and even ControlNet that you can use when creating images.

User-Friendly Interface: PixAI has a user-friendly interface, and it’s easy to generate images after you’ve nailed down your prompt.


Constantly Developed: PixAI started as a simple text-prompt-based image generation service but has recently extended its offering to comic creation, animated comics, and real-time artwork generation.

Multiple Generation Options: You can create comics and animated comics and use real-time art generation, and when it comes to LoRAs and models, there’s plenty to choose from.

The Ability for Free Image Generation: Most of PixAI’s features and services are available even if you are on the free plan.

Easy-to-Use: PixAI is an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand image generation service. While there are a bunch of features and customization options, everything still feels simple to understand.

Model Selection: PixAI shines with its model and LoRA selection. There’s something for everyone: multiple anime art styles, a variety of LoRAs, and even VAEs.


Membership Benefits: I think the membership benefits are not that great. While you do get the usual credits (so you don’t have to wait for free claims), the other benefits lack quite a lot.

Image Generation Speed: While there is an option for ‘High Priority’ image generation, it still takes some time (minutes rather than seconds) to generate images.

Slight Barrier to Entry: PixAI has a vast collection of models, LoRAs, and customization options, which can put off total beginners. You also need to know a bit about how to write text prompts and how to use PixAI in general.


PixAI has free and paid image generation. You can claim 10,000 credits every 24 hours for free, but they also provide a paid membership that gives access to the following benefits:

  • Monthly recharge of credits (200,000 – 2,000,000)
  • Ability to upload private models and LoRAs
  • Free LoRA training
  • Ability to use more LoRAs per image generation
  • Customizable profile

PixAI uses credits for image generation. Each image generation costs 800 to 8,900+ credits depending on the features, LoRAs, and model you use to generate images.


PixAI is one of the best AI art generation platforms for generating AI anime art. The site is fully dedicated to anime art generation, and with a free image generation option available, it outshines its competition by leaps and bounds.

PixAI is highly recommended for anyone wanting to create only AI anime art. If you are looking to create realistic creatures, cityscapes, food, etc., images, PixAI is not the best choice out there.

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