Create An Artistic QR Code With Stable Diffusion


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Step 1. Download the Needed Software And WebUI

To run Stable Diffusion and modify the QR code, you need the following files:

You need the ControlNet extension for the QR code modification.

Check out: Beginners guide to AUTOMATIC1111 WebUI

Step 2. Generate The QR Code

To generate a free QR code, visit 34qr.com. I selected a URL-based QR code.

You can select different QR code templates from 34qr.

Settings for the QR code:

  • Size: 512 x 512px
  • Encoding: UTF-8
  • Fault tolerance: H(30%)
  • QR Code Color: #000000
  • Background Color: #FFFFFF
QR code pointing to https://okuha.com website.

When all settings are done, hit the Generate button and download the QR code as a PNG file.

Step 3. Create Artistic QR Code With Stable Diffusion

Img2img (image-to-image) tab has the usual text prompt (1.) and the negative text prompt (2.). In img2img, you can upload the QR code PNG file.

Initial steps:

Image-to-image settings:

  • Resize mode: Just resize
  • Sampling method: DPM++2M Karras
  • Sampling steps: 25
  • Width: 512
  • Height: 512
  • Batch size: 4
  • CFG Scale: 7
  • Denoising strength: 0,64 (lower value increases the QR code implementation to the AI art)

ControlNet (v1.1.224) settings (scroll down the browser screen to find ControlNet settings):

  • Enable: checked
  • Control Type: Tile
  • Preprocessor: tile_resample
  • Model: control_v11f1e_sd15_tile
  • Control Weight: 0,7
  • Starting Control Step: 0,2
  • Ending Control Step: 0,64
  • Control mode: ControlNet is more important
  • Resize mode: Just resize

When all settings are done, press Generate at the top of the WebUI. You can find the generated images in this folder: *\stable-diffusion-webui\outputs\img2img-images

Original QR Code.
Stable Diffusion modified QR code.

Normal text prompt used in the example:

1 girl, mechanical, cyborg, kimono, 1 face, portrait, highly detailed, sharp, ultra-detailed, front view

Negative text prompt used in the example:

blurry, nsfw, easynegative, bad quality, ugly, disfigured, low quality, low-res

Additional Tips for AI ART QR Code Generation

  • Long QR code text can make the QR code too complex for it to work with AI art blended into it.
  • Adjust the following parameters to make the QR code visible with the AI art:
    • Image-to-image Denoising strength: Lower values bring the QR code image more visible.
    • ControlNet Control Weight: Higher values emphasize the ControlNet rather than the text prompt.
    • ControlNet Starting Control Step: Higher values show the effects of the text prompt more.
    • ControlNet Ending Control Step: Lower values make the ControlNet stop earlier and make the QR code blend better with the generated artwork.
  • Some checkpoint models don’t work well with blending QR codes with AI art. Try out different ones until you find one that works well with QR codes.
  • Depending on the parameters, only a few images from a batch of ten can be scanned successfully.
  • You might need to tweak the above parameters a lot before you find a good combination between the parameters and the checkpoint model.
  • Start the image generation testing with a batch size of 1 or 4 before doing bigger batches.


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