Learn The Professional Secrets To Drawing Amazing Anime And Manga Art

This online course covers the exact process I use to create 99% of my drawings. Get insight into my workflow and see how a professional illustration gets created, one that gets noticed. Get the knowledge on different phases of a drawing and why those phases exist, from start to finish.

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Learn The Must-Know Fundamentals Of Drawing Believeable Anime And Manga Art

If there’s one course I would like you to take notice of, it’s this! In this course, I will guide you from the very beginning of drawing anime and manga art to a better understanding of anime and manga art fundamentals.

I will show you how to draw anime and manga eyes, nose, ears, and other facial features. I will also show you the anime character proportions as well as show you how to draw manga face from scratch. Together with you!

Think of this as a complete and ever-evolving course on how to draw authentic-looking anime and manga art. At the end of the experience, you know what makes manga look manga, and you can feel confident when drawing your own manga characters.

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Lessons in 4K resolution

Online Course

$ 7
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Online Course

How To Draw Professional Line Art Even If You Are Just A Beginner

Ever felt like you just can’t’ get the line look just the way you want. You feel like your lines are just lines but not line ART. I can totally relate. I was in your position not too long ago. I was struggling to create beautiful line art until I learned everything there is about line art.

Now, I can confidently create precisely the line art I want, and in this fully-fledged course, I’m going to be showing you exactly how I create line art and what you need to understand when making your lines.

There are four main modules, 17 lessons and a bonus module. In this course, I will hold nothing back, and you can truly see how I create line art that deserves views.

Online Course

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In-Depth Art Tutorials

Learn The Secrets Of Drawing Beautiful Anime And Manga Art

All the essential art resources you need when you want to improve your anime and manga drawings to new heights. These bundles of art love will give you the insight you are looking for when starting out as an artist. Videos are not left behind. In-depth art tutorials, among other resources, will give you knowledge on how to progress through the image and what decisions were made during the creation. If you want more, just check the layered PSD-file and CSP-files for some in-depth knowledge on how the image was created layer-wise.

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The All In One Package

The ultimate solution for starting to draw professional-level anime and manga art

The ultimate solution for starting to draw professional-level anime and manga art even if you are a beginner and don’t know much about digital art.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It really doesn’t matter. Layered PSD-files can be opened with various art softwares. Just make sure that it can handle .psd files.

I mainly use Clip Studio Paint and the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. All of my artworks are done with that two software. I use Clip Studio Paint for sketching, ideation, line art, coloring, rendering, shading, etc. and the final adjustments will be made with Adobe Photoshop (if needed). You can, however, use almost any art software there is to accomplish the same results that I have.

Well, you need a computer. You also need an art software like Adobe Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, Clip Studio Paint or something similar. A software that can open .psd -files. Standard Photoshop file format. Do check that your art software can open those file formats. They more than likely can open those, but just check if you are unsure.  You can even enjoy part of the content with your mobile phone as I have built the content so that you can view it on the road also.

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