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Learn the secrets of drawing beautiful anime and manga art even if you are just starting out as a digital artist.

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Hi Guys! Okuha here, the artist and creative mind behind these Bundles

You see that drawing? That is from the very early stages of my artist career.

Now you might look at it and think, well that’s not too bad. I can agree, it’s not terrible but it’s not what I had in my mind either 🙂 and that’s where my journey began…

I drew quite a few works traditionally but something was missing. Big time. Few things I hated the most was that the coloring was uneven and that you could not erase the ink. Have you felt the same?

No matter how hard I tried there was always some mismatch in base colors or that the line art was slightly off. It made me quit drawing for a while. I was stuck. No inspiration or motivation. Nothing. I guess I wasn’t good enough.

...I didn't know how to draw. To be completely honest...

I blamed the tools I had. Truth is, I just didn’t have the knowledge or experience. The drawings I created didn’t give me the confidence to grow further. Years went by…I didn’t draw at all…Not until…I found digital art.

My mind was blown. You could actually draw digitally!?! It wasn’t even a new technology or anything. Others had been doing it for years already. I quickly went and bought myself a drawing tablet. After that, drawing became so much easier, I felt the need to draw. I had all the motivation. Finally, I could draw like I visioned.

I feel like I am not limited anymore. I can pick up the pen and draw. I get those lines the way I want and I can try different colors without worrying..well…anything. I know how to shade, I know how to use brushes effectively.

I can only improve myself from this point forward as I have a process which to follow. Freeing my mind for creativity.

One of the keys to really get my artworks to another level was to find a path to follow. Process so to say. 

You may have struggled with these before…

How can I get an efficient structure for my drawings

Well yeah. Before I actually found a process for my drawings, I was mixing layers here and there. There was no consistent structure to my drawings. Folders, layers, naming. All of those were off and hard to manage. And that made the drawing process so much more difficult and time-consuming.

How can I speed up my drawing process

I have always liked the thought of drawing with efficiency. But how? Well, the answer is a correct process which to follow. Of course, you also need knowledge on how to draw things, sure. But to get yourself a path which you follow when you draw makes the whole drawing process that much easier. You can concentrate better on the step you are working on.

What layer modes should I use and where

Exactly. That was one of the questions I had when I was starting out with digital art. I was wondering what layer modes should I use. Where to put what layers to achieve specific results. Yes, there is always a certain way to draw and structure things for specific results. Thankfully I now have developed a structure and process to get the desired results for my artworks.

If you’re feeling ANY of these, then you are in the right place, my friend.

find your own voice in art

Searching your artistic voice might take time. You might feel lost at times. I get that. It was this for me. I was struggling a lot of how to draw things, how to arrange layers. How to approach drawing. This is one path you more than likely have to go through. You have to search that inner calling and really dig deep into what it is that you as an artist want to create. While you are searching for your inner artistic voice, you develop a style. You hone the drawing process and it takes years to do that. I have developed my drawing process for years and years. Until I found a way to be as efficient as possible. A way that makes the drawing process feel like ease and pain-free. There is a clear path to follow and go through for professional results. Drawing with this process helped me develop the voice I needed for my art.

Evolve as an artist

It has taken a lot of trial and error and a lot of time to get to the point where I am today. You might have experienced the same already. What a journey it has been but I am glad I experienced it. I have found new ways to draw, new techniques, a process to the art creation. When you have a certain process for creating an artwork. You will immediately see that you focus more on the creativity and less on the technique. Following a certain path for professional drawings. That is the point where your drawings will elevate to the next level.

Triumph your creativity

By learning and studying you develop yourself a process which you follow and create your drawings from. This gives you the ability to start thinking more creatively when you don’t have to think about the way you are drawing. I can currently draw more creatively because I know what steps are ahead and what I have to do in each drawing step. I have a system that takes the vision from my head to the canvas. I know what needs to be done at what point and this is something you can learn also.

The piece you see below is one of the biggest drawings I made when I was younger and still drawing with traditional medium. I have always wanted to draw that piece again, and finally, I did. Only after getting enough knowledge surrounding digital art and mastering a way to draw these, were I able to Triumph My Creativity.

You are drawing naturally and follow certain steps to achieve the vision you have in your head. Your creativity starts to flow. You feel the vision transferring from your head to the canvas. You have a way to draw, you have the techniques you have learned so far. You know what is the next step. You feel inspiration and creativity flowing inside you. Now, it is time to pour that creativity outside. Step-by-step you will draw the image you have in your head. These steps are here for you.

"I wasn't able to draw what I saw and visioned in my head"...

Now I am able to pour the imagination to the canvas like never before...

Learning to draw wasn’t easy in the beginning. Finding the right guidance and learning the right process was hard. Countless hours of trials and errors till I finally found what worked and more importantly what didn’t work. Now there’s a clear path and way to drawing art and it really speeds up the process immensely.

"Now it's your turn to transform yourself to the artist you want to be."


AAA Premium Collection

Creation process for professional anime and manga illustrations. Learn the secrets of drawing beautiful anime and manga art even if you are just starting out as an digital artist.

All the essential files you need when you want to improve your drawings to new heights. These bundles of art love will give you the insight you are looking for when starting out as an artist. Videos are not left behind. Speed paintings will give you the knowledge on how to progress through the image and what decisions were made during the creation. If you want more, just check the layered PSD-file for some in-depth knowledge on how the image was created layer-wise.

Art Bundles are Ever Growing, so Expect to See MORE Content... Regularly

  • Speed Painting Videos With & Without Voice Over
  • Layered PSD-files
  • High-Resolution Artworks
  • Full Process Images
  • Color Palettes
  • Brushes

These vary between artworks.

Ultimate content and guidance library for every digital art beginner. Massive amount of art bundles to help you structure your artwork and make the drawing process that much easier. In-Depth showcase on building an image that captivates viewers.

Insane amount of content

30+ Gb of pure inspiration & creativity

15+ Layered PSD-Files

Learn how you can better structure your files. Good structure gives you more control and a clear process for your drawings. You can easily study sketching, line art, coloring, shading, lighting, and other structure. There are tons of information in these files.

15+ High-res final artworks

You need the details. High-resolution images provide just that. Offering just that extra depth and vision on the lineart and shading. Get the idea and learn from the details. Experience the artwork in high resolution to those extra details you might otherwise miss.

10+ Hours of Speed painting videos

Speed painting videos showcase how I draw and progress through the image. Sketching, coloring, shading etc. Videos show you quickly how to advance through an artwork. Speed paintings are slightly sped up videos on various stages of the drawing.

60+ Full Process images

You can quickly study the different phases of artworks by flipping through the process images. Process images give you the drawing process that was used to create the artwork. Process images taken at various stages show you how to proceed and advance with the drawing.

40+ Photoshop & csp brushes

You need brushes to get specific results. Brushes are kind of the key to professional results. So getting quality brushes only enhances your drawings to the better. I have collected all the brushes I use to create my drawings. There are some awesome Adobe Photoshop & Clip Studio Paint brushes included.

15+ Color palettes

Color palettes are extremely useful when you are trying to come up with different moods and feelings to the drawing. Just pick a color and change the drawings moods fast and easy. Color palettes also give you clarity on choosing colors. How easy it is to just color pick colors from ready-made palettes.

Learn to draw, study artworks and develop your own voice in art. This content is for those who really want to take their artworks to the next level and be supported throughout the journey.

Image Breakdown Studies

Image breakdown studies are all about going truly in-depth and explaining what decisions were made and especially why. The most important thing about learning art is always to know the why. Why something was drawn like that. Why the pose is structured the way it is. Breaking down the image into pieces and structuring it back together.

Content_Image Image Breakdown Structure Fourth Level_white2

Image Breakdown Study #2

  • Drawing Awesome Full-body Mecha
  • Voiced Image Breakdown Studies Video
  • Image Breakdown Studies PDF (8 pages)
  • Full Speed Painting
  • Layered PSD-file
  • High-Resolution Process Images
  • High-Resolution Final Artwork
  • Color Palette

Image Breakdown Study #1

  • Drawing classical Anime High School Girl
  • Voiced Image Breakdown Studies Video
  • Image Breakdown Studies PDF (11 pages)
  • Full Speed Painting
  • Layered PSD-file
  • High-Resolution Process Images
  • High-Resolution Final Artwork
  • Color Palette

...but I do like Bonuses, so here you Have it...


FULL eBook on getting started with digital art drawing process

Drawing Process for Professional Illustrations

Drawing Process for Professional Illustrations: Drawing Process explained in 11 Steps. The exact steps I use to create 99% of my drawings. Get insight on the process and see a specific example of the drawing process. Get the knowledge on different phases of the drawing and what those phases have inside. All the way from start to finish.

  • Drawing Process for Professional Illustrations eBook
  • 10 Steps I use to create 99% of my drawings you see online
  • Steps shown with an example drawing
  • HIGH Resolution process images
  • Example with a competition winning artwork (3rd place on Clip Studio Paints International Akari challenge)

($17 Value)

How To Decide If the bundles are right For You

If you’re trying to decide if this is right for you, ask yourself these questions…

Ask yourself...

  • do you want to get better with anime art?
  • do you want evolve as an artist?
  • would you like to be part of anime art fans?
  • would you like to learn a drawing process?
  • do you need guidance on your art?
  • would you like to speed up your drawing process?
  • do you need a structure to your drawings?
  • Hopefully these questions will help you decide if this is good for you

Few thoughts

I get asked frequently for tips and techniques on how something is drawn or how did I created this or that.

I like to help people but what’s more efficient is the sharing of knowledge collectively.

You see. Via these bundles I am able to share everything I know instantly to you. There are so much content and knowledge there that I am sure you will learn new things quite fast.

I also like the idea of bringing like-minded people together. Anime art is the thing that binds us together.

You might also be thinking that you are too old to start drawing. That is not so true. There is no certain age that is fit for progress. Think about it. Is the age really a problem if drawing and creating art is something you would like to do and would like to get serious about. No. You can be an amazing artist at any age.

One of the biggest level up I noticed was when I got myself a certain process and path to draw anime art. It immensely sped up my drawing process. I could focus on creativity rather than technique.

We love to draw and create art and we shouldn’t be afraid to share that passion with each other.

Drawing Anime Art, and Loving It!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It really doesn’t matter. Layered PSD-files can be opened with various art softwares. Just make sure that it can handle .psd files.

I mainly use Clip Studio Paint and the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. All of my artworks are done with those two softwares. I use Clip Studio Paint for sketching, ideation, line art, coloring, rendering, shading etc. and the final adjustments will be made with Adobe Photoshop. You can, however, use almost any art software there is to accomplish the same results that I have.

Of course. All the content that will be released to the Anime Artists Art Bundles is automatically available to you. Nothing extra required from your end.

Well, you need a computer. You also need an art software like Adobe Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, Clip Studio Paint or something similar. A software that can open .psd -files. Standard Photoshop file format. Do check that your art software can open those file formats. They more than likely can open those, but just check if you are unsure.  You can even enjoy part of the content with your mobile phone as I have built the content so that you can view it on the road also.

Yes. When you get yourself the bundles, you are able to view all of the content shown here. All Anime Artists Art Bundles, Image Breakdown Studies, Layered PSD -files and soooo much more. There is a lot of content available and you get all that with a click of a button.

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This is what you will get!

Premium collection

  • 15+ Layered PSD-files
  • 15+ High-resolution final artworks
  • 10+ Hours of speed painting videos
  • 60+ Full process images
  • 40+ Photoshop & CSP Brushes
  • 15+ Color palettes
  • 2 x Image breakdown studies
  • FREE Updates

Bonus# Drawing Process for Professional Illustrations

  • Drawing Process for Professional Illustrations eBook
  • 10 Steps I use to create 99% of my drawings you see online
  • Steps shown with an example drawing
  • HIGH Resolution process images
  • Example with a competition winning artwork (3rd place on Clip Studio Paints International Akari challenge)

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