The 4 Best Sites For Digital Artists

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Written by Juha

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The digital realm nowadays has become a playground for creative artists like yourself — what a time to be alive and share your artworks with the world. 

I’m here to help you identify the most suitable platforms where you can present your artworks, interact with the audience, but also make money with your art.

This way, the vision, and emotions you embed into your creation will find its way to other people’s hearts.



What most artists appreciate about this website is its simple layout. They understand that artists tend to be quite sensitive when it comes to pretentious colors that are known to distract attention.

DeviantArt has done a good job when it comes to the overall design. You will also gain access to groups where your ideological soulmates patiently wait to ignite the spark of innovation further.

Overcoming creative blocks, as one of the most challenging aspects of being an artist, can be easily done with the help of like-minded professionals.

The platform encourages the members to socialize at forums, where some of the most prolific ideas turn into rewarding projects. On the other hand, there is a possibility of easily getting lost in their massive community.

Just like anywhere else online, you will have to make an appearance, work hard, and patiently wait for your five minutes of glory.

Other users tend to complain about the artists’ age because a lot of them chose DevianArt to present their first works. Truth be told, we all started somewhere (I started with DeviantArt, and now I’m on Behance), and there are plenty of other platforms you can use if you are bothered with your teenage colleagues.

If you are not a fan art creator, then you most likely have seen that fan art do pretty well, no matter which platform you are on.

The most prudent way to introduce your artwork at DevianArt would, then, be to build a reputation as a fan author before gradually integrating your own authentic art.

To, then, sell your content on the website; your project will have to undergo quality control.

Most artists are not aware that DevianArt will only approve bigger resolution pictures without signatures that will, later on, be available for the public to buy.

Although the platform has been out on the market for more than 12 years, artists claim they can promote and sell their work easier in exhibitions and other mainstream media.



Here you will have the opportunity to customize and showcase your portfolio to a wider audience of art lovers.

Some of the additional features you can use consist of your own domain name, access to ArtStation learning, adding premium themes, choosing your markups, and so on.

Depending on your preferences, there will be three options at your disposal. You can easily start by registering for free, and if you deem it worthy, pay an extra of $6.99 for plus and $9.95 for pro membership.

ArtStation is a serious website, that aims to facilitate aspiring digital artists to become self-reliant entrepreneurs. It seems like digital artists from all over the world gather up to advertise their work here.

They are also known for organizing some of the world’s most epic art competitions, where you get a chance to submit your finest projects and check out the competition.

Although this is not the largest community of digital artists online, having a smaller circle of high profile experts in one place has its advantages.

When it comes to sales, this is when you want to take some time to think about the paid membership. You get to keep 70% as a basic or plus member, and 80% as a pro, when selling your art through the community profile.

That is where most of the clients get to see your work, like and follow, helping you rate higher.

However, if you decide to sell through the ArtStation-powered website, then you might get as high as 95% for your artwork.

So what is an ArtStation-powered website?

It is your website, where you attract customers by adding a professional touch to the presentation. Again, if you are a pro member, you get to pick more tools in preparing the community portfolio, as well as 5% extra for every sale you make.

Some creators claim the website is well worth the money, considering the hosting costs and the size of the storage needed.

However, others claim the pro feature didn’t fulfill their expectations, as the moderators keep increasing the prices and introducing new features. 

Another downside is that you will be charged in US dollars, so prepare yourself mentally to cash out more money due to US tax regulations and conversion rates.



What makes the Behance stand out among other websites, is the fact that it hosts around 12 million freelancers.

Buyers pay substantial sums of money to announce their hiring goals and search for talented candidates.

Once you create a portfolio on Behance, your work will be presented to a wide range of professionals, who will often send you commission requests.

The users praise the platform for its well-structured approach, where your correspondence with a potential employer appears on the dashboard for other followers to see.

That way, you can effortlessly network yourself by increasing the chances of being seen by future employers. 

Boosting your visibility can help you gain more followers, and Behance enables you to show up on the feed every time you edit your work. Whether it is a small thing, such as commenting on your project or publishing a new artwork, you are guaranteed a seat under the spotlight.

Putting some extra effort into personalizing your page by exposing more digital art is sure to generate more traffic. Projects on Behance are the perfect choice for those of you who prefer long-term, in-depth work.

Updating the profile regularly while working long hours on serious projects is either very appealing or subject compulsory for young artists who make the majority here.

To draw attention to their work, some users started using the auto-comment options, which, as a consequence, ruined the whole impression of the website.

Members find it annoying that some projects keep reappearing on their feed without any context whatsoever, filled with spam messages.

One more thing to take into consideration is listing your projects, as all the feedbacks are publicly displayed, making you more exposed to criticism though this is something we as artists have to accept and suck it up.

It is important to emphasize that Behance doesn’t sell your art, but serves to promote your work portfolio. To make sales, you can either get in touch with the person behind the Behance profile or link your account to the external store.

What makes Behance the one place for me is that the artworks are presented in an orderly manner, and there’s a clear structure you can have with your portfolio.

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Despite being a relatively new marketplace for creative authors, CubeBrush offers diverse products for digital artists as well as game developers.

They are striving to build a large community of experts who can create high-quality content, providing they have a clean background.

They have strict rules when it comes to copyright violations, which makes them a reliable website. Setting up the profile is less time-consuming as the platform is readily accessible and easy to use.

The website designers did a good job making the website look aesthetically appealing, both on a laptop and a phone. The CEO, Marc Brunet, has also started his online ART School for Digital Artists with more than 100 pre-recorded lessons designed in a way to help aspiring digital artists fill in their knowledge holes.

Brunet and the team are very proud of their unique hybrid revenue split model, which means that more interaction with the buyers brings more commission.

It takes minutes to set up your e-store and start selling your craftwork, without investing a dime. As a matter of fact, CubeBrush is known as the cheapest platform where you get to keep 95% of income when you make direct selling.

You will also have access to valuable free content, such as marketing emails and listings. Some of their loyal customers include big gaming companies that frequently visit the website in search of curated content.

What most users complain about is the payment that is processed through PayPal in US dollars only. Also, Brunet didn’t exactly hit the jackpot with his $599 online Art School.

The students complained that the material wasn’t as good as they expected, and the structure was somehow poorly built. The program won’t work on your iPad, although it was specified otherwise on the website.

Besides, many artists agree that art schools don’t produce artists. Instead, a digital artist should develop a steady practice in order to gain excellence.

A final note

Whether you are just a beginner or a professional artist, I’m are sure you will find something useful on each of these websites.

Depending on your preferences, you can either decide to join larger communities at DeviantArt or promote work to an inclusive audience of specialists at ArtStation.

If you opt for Behance, then you are signing up for more serious projects and personalized requests that might boost your career. The more you present your work, the more chances you get to sell it.

And being one of the best platforms out there, CubeBrush can provide you with the space you need to advertise your piece of art.

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Table Of Contents

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