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When I started drawing digitally, there weren’t many sites for us artists. Nowadays, there are maybe even too many. In this post, I have listed the best sites for digital artists. Sites with amazing resources, sites that enable us to share our work, and sites that allow us to monetize our creations. I’ve gathered these resources over the years. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways

  • When looking for online courses from industry professionals, CG Master Academy is the site to go for.
  • Skillshare and Udemy offer a massive amount of courses for a reasonable price.
  • Blogs come in handy when you want to read specific art fundamentals or get access to different free resources.
  • The biggest digital art sites are Artstation and DeviantArt.
  • When you want to monetize your digital art creations and resources, Gumroad is the best option to get started.

Resources For Digital Artists

As artists, we need reference images, educational material, inspirational material, and even music to get our creative flow going. Sometimes the thing is that you don’t know what you don’t know, so you don’t know what you are looking for and what you might need to progress with your drawings.

Below I have gathered some of the best resources I’ve found online to help you get your artistic flow running.

Online Courses And Products

While YouTube offers more than enough resources for us artists, sometimes structured content with a clear end goal is the thing we need. Online courses are extremely beneficial for learning some specific technique or techniques from a certain artist.

Below are some of the best online course platforms to get structured and professional learning:

PlatformGood forPricing model
SkillshareMassive amount of courses on a variety of topicsSubscription
UdemyYou can buy individual courses and enjoy them “forever”One-time payment
DomestikaProfessional-looking videosOne-time payment
The Gnomon WorkshopLearn from industry professionalsSubscription
CG Master AcademyOne of the best CG online courses availableOne-time payment
Artstation LearningFree courses from professional artistsFREE
Table listing the best online course platforms for digital artists

If you are looking into buying some specific digital art products, such as brushes, 3D models, textures, etc., the below list has some of the best marketplaces for artists:

The marketplaces mentioned have products from less-known and professional artists in many areas. Sometimes it costs quite a lot to learn from the movie and game industry professionals, so in these cases, marketplaces like Gumroad become very handy as you find some true gems from it.

Blogs and sites

If you want to read about digital art or art fundamentals, there are plenty of blogs out there that provide amazing information. While some of the sites explain, for example, light and shadow with physical mediums, the same art fundamentals also apply to digital art.

I feel it’s sometimes more relaxing to read about an art technique or an art principle than watch a video about the topic.

Below are some of the best websites for digital artists:

YouTube Channels

YouTube is the world’s biggest source for learning to draw digital art or learning any specific skill. What YouTube videos might lack is that the creator might leave some important bits of information untold, things that are usually covered in online courses.

YouTube videos rarely give you a structured learning path, so it’s up to you to piece the information together.

Below are some of the best YouTube channels for digital artists:

The above channels are only a few in the vast ocean of channels that talk about digital art, give income reports, and the lifestyle of an artist.

Digital Art Sites and Communities

If you want to share your artwork, get inspired by other artists, or want to belong to a community, there are honestly only a few digital art websites worth mentioning. The thing is, though, that it might take a while for your work to be noticed in these mega sites. It’s a global playground, after all.

Some of the best and biggest digital art websites you should get familiar with:

While Pinterest and Instagram are not officially digital art sites, they are excellent resources for reference images, inspiration, and communities. Social media also acts as a way to get followers as a digital artist.

When looking for reference images for my next drawing, I tend to open Pinterest first and then my personal folders, where I’ve saved up years’ worth of images.

It’s also worth noting that you don’t need to be on a lot of platforms to get noticed, but do note that different people are visiting different platforms, and from that perspective, it’s worth being on multiple platforms.

Monetization Platforms For Digital Artists

When you are looking to monetize your digital artwork, art resources, or brushes, for that matter, don’t limit yourself to one marketplace; instead, publish the products in multiple places.

I saw a massive increase in revenue when I started to publish my products on multiple marketplaces. Regardless of where I sell my products, I keep the pricing the same so it’s consistent for the customer.

I’ve been selling digital products for years already, and Gumroad has been the most hassle-free experience for me. The only con of the platform is that they do take a 10% cut from the sales, which is quite a lot, to be honest.

Below are some of the best marketplaces you should consider when you want to sell digital art-related products:

I’ve been selling courses and products on Skillshare, Udemy, Artstation, and Gumroad for years and see them as good platforms to make passive income from your work.

I have also sold print-on-demand products through Redbubble and Design by Humans before, but it failed as I didn’t put enough effort into the design catalog.

Remember that you can sell online courses, brushes, and digital art resources in multiple places. Just keep the pricing and branding consistent. I get sales from every platform I sell my products on. I think this only shows that different people tend to visit and buy from different sites.

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