Explaining The Difference Between Anime And Cartoons


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The main difference between anime and cartoons is that anime can contain adult themes, horror, social criticism, etc. Cartoons rarely contain material aimed at adults only, whereas anime can have such material.

Because anime and cartoons are both cartoons, people often think of anime as the same as children’s cartoons or material meant for kids. However, despite its ability to entertain children, anime can also contain adult themes, intellectual themes, mixtures of comedy, drama, action, horror, science fiction, social criticism, and even pornographic content (hentai).

Another point of difference is the art style that makes anime look like anime. Anime tends to use its own well-developed techniques in its drawings, techniques used in Japan for centuries.

It is common, for example, to see big eyes and hair in the characters. They tend to use “unreal” colors (green, blue, violet) in the hair, for example, to denote personality, etc. It is also common to use simple lines and “peculiar” details in each character, although there are many variations.

But even music and special effects have to use a characteristic style, which more than decorates and complements the animation.

Shortly About Anime

Japanese animation, which is directly descended from modern manga (inheriting all its characteristics, such as its narrative style and themes), is considered in Japan as a more narrative form, which is another means of expressing ideas directed to children, young people, or adults.

Thus, each character, whether heroes or villains, has feelings, aspirations, virtues, defects, and a life they can lose. Many series present their characters in everyday situations (the slice of life genre anime genre specifically caters to this) of the Japanese lifestyle: people at their workplace, at school, and in traditional Japanese rituals.

Shortly About Cartoons


People in America are used to cartoons, in which the plots are simple, the characters always show the same side of their personality, their conflicts are easily resolved in a half-hour episode, and, most importantly, they are almost exclusively aimed at children.

Cartoons tend to avoid death and other realities of everyday life, whereas anime tends to be more of a part of it.

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