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Key Takeaways

  • The Leap, a software company founded by Thinkific, aims to help creators monetize their knowledge through digital products using AI technology.
  • The Leap allows creators to generate digital products with AI or manually create them, offering a 2-step process to kickstart product creation.
  • The platform’s mobile-first storefront is geared towards lower-priced digital products, with limited options for increasing products’ perceived value.
  • The platform’s main selling point is AI-generated product drafts, making The Leap a valuable resource for creators willing to put in additional effort to refine their products.

About The Leap

The Leap is a software company founded by Thinkific (one of the largest online course platforms worldwide) in Vancouver, Canada.

Leaps’ main message is to help creators earn money by transforming their knowledge into digital products. Essentially, The Leap enables you to sell digital products (by sharing/selling a link) by using AI (artificial intelligence) first to create the product.

The Leap offers diverse resources, including a blog, newsletter, TikTok channel, and a vibrant community, all with one primary mission: assisting creators in transforming their passion and audience into a viable side hustle.

Whether you aim to earn a little extra income or a substantial amount, The Leap is an all-encompassing platform for kick-starting your career as a creator.

The platform provides valuable insights, tips, and tricks on how to make money as a creator, consolidating this information into one accessible place.


The Leap envisions a world where every creator can achieve freedom, fulfillment, and stability within the creator economy. Beyond being a resource for creators, it recognizes that the creator economy is more than just a job market; it’s an opportunity for creators to shape their businesses on their terms, channeling their passion, expertise, and knowledge into meaningful and satisfying work.


The Creator Group Chat (hosted on Geneva) is a support system offering guidance as creators navigate various aspects of their entrepreneurial journey. It emphasizes the belief that no creator should have to go it alone and promotes the strength of the community by providing a secure space for creators to ask questions, share resources, and inspire each other.

Platform Overview

The Leap dashboard. You can generate a digital product with AI or create one manually from the dashboard.

The Leap is in its beta stage, and so the platform is not yet fully functioning from all facets. The promise and potential of the platform is undeniable. The first tryout with the platform didn’t bring worthy results, though. While the platform created a rough draft of a digital product, it’s nowhere near ready to be sold online.

The Leap currently feels like a minimum viable software (something beta products ought to be).

Digital product types you can create and sell on Leap’s platform.

The platform enables you to create a product but also sell an existing product. The platform offers five different product types you can sell as an existing product:

  • Ask me anything: Offer micro-consulting to customers.
  • Digital download: Share (sell) a link to your digital product (useful for templates, for example).
  • Ebook: Basically, it has the same function as with the digital download. You share (sell) a link to your ebook through The Leap platform.
  • Event: The Leap creates an event registration page, and you attach the calendar/event link to the product.
  • Coaching: Sell a link to your coaching call.

Generate with AI

The unique selling proposition of The Leap platform is that you can create digital products with the help of AI (artificial intelligence). You also have the option to build your product manually.

There are 2-steps for creating the first draft of your digital product. First, you define your expertise, from which the AI will create three different digital product options. You can also choose ‘Show me more’ to get more options.

The Leap offers a 2-step process to generate a digital product draft with AI (artificial intelligence).

After the 2-step process, the AI will generate a rough product draft, which you can then customize further.

Digital product draft, created with The Leap’s AI.

Build from scratch

The Leap enables you to manually create digital products if AI doesn’t bring good results. You can build five different products just like you could with AI. The Leap will give you a template you can modify to your liking.

At the end of the creation process, you have a product ready to be sold in your store.

Store Overview

Image showing how the live store shows up to customers.

The storefront is simple, easy to use, and customer-friendly. Customers can quickly and effortlessly check your products, and the user interface (UI) seems to be built mobile-first.

The mobile-first approach can limit what price point your products can have. It can be hard to sell a higher-priced online course through the store, and as such, the platform feels that it’s targeting creators, buyers, and sellers interested in lower-priced digital products.

The product template has somewhat limited ways to increase the perceived value of your product, which can put the price point of your product in the $5-$100 price range.

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Type of Products You Can Create With The Leap

The Leap offers five different product types you can create on their platform:

  • Guides: Information: Help your audience form an opinion, decide, or act.
  • Challenges: Goal: Help your audience achieve a goal quickly.
  • Tutorials: Task: Help your audience achieve a specific task.
  • Mini-courses: Learning: Help your audience achieve a specific learning outcome or transformation.
  • Custom: Create your own digital product from scratch.

Pros and Cons


  • The platform gives a rough draft to work on.
  • The draft gives you ideas and thoughts.
  • The product draft is a template that you can customize and work on further.
  • The platform is easy to use and understand.
  • Fast to set up a digital product for sale.


  • The user interface feels like it was made mobile-first.
  • The AI-generated draft feels cheap and might not motivate you to build on it.
  • It can be hard to present the product’s true value through one thumbnail and a set of text.


In conclusion, The Leap is not just a resource hub for creators but a comprehensive support system designed to empower creators to pursue financial success and personal fulfillment in the creator economy.

The platform feels somewhat targeted to sellers selling lower-priced digital products, coaching, and events. The main gist of the platform is to sell (share) links to different products rather than host the product on the platform.

There’s little reason you couldn’t create a branded website, connect Stripe to your site, and redirect customers to the product link after purchase.

The main selling point of The Leap is AI-generated product drafts. Using AI to generate digital products, The Leap helps creators and the creator economy fast-track their product creation. If you are willing to do the hard work on top of the rough draft The Leap’s AI system generates for you, then The Leap could be a platform for you.

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