Tools and Art Resources

For Anime Artists

This page gathers a lot of resources I’ve found over the years to help improve my art skills and techniques. Use these resources as you please. Don’t forget to follow the terms of use that come with each site and resource.


Resources for when you want to find awesome color palettes, color schemes or want to create your own color palettes from images, etc.

Drawing Practices

Resources that help you practice drawing. Covering basic elements, such as hands, feet, faces, figures, etc.

Inspiration and Reference Images

Images to get inspiration, reference and sites that help you improve your artwork.

Software And Apps

Software and app-specific resources help you better understand how certain software features work or what apps can improve your workflow.

Anime drawing prompt generator

A drawing prompt generator is a way to spark imagination and inspiration for new artwork. When the character prompt generator gives you words, the words will give you an idea or an image in your mind, and with that, your imagination starts to paint a new picture in your mind combining all the words generated for you.

Anime Name Generator

The tool is completely free to use and will generate the following type of names:

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