What Exactly Is Anime Art? A Quick Deep Dive


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Anime art is a modern continuation of manga art, initially seen in Chōjū-jinbutsu-giga scrolls. Anime art is mostly seen in Japanese animation, primarily called anime.

Anime art is an expression of art, which, by tradition, is drawn by hand, but now, in the era of technology, it is increasingly more made with various art and design software.

The Japanese Ministry of Education officially recognized anime as an art form and is considered one of the most important forms of artistic expression in modern Japanese culture.

What Is Anime Art?


Anime art is a modern continuation of manga art, initially seen in Chōjū-jinbutsu-giga scrolls. Anime art can be thought of as any art that conveys typical themes seen in anime or manga.

Manga art is typically black, white, and shades of grey, whereas anime art has colors. Each frame you see in Japanese animation (anime) can be thought of as an art piece. Each frame presents an illustration, and each of those illustrations is an anime artwork.

Anime art, however, isn’t just screen frames you can see when watching anime on TV. Anime art is also about artists who create anime-type illustrations (one form of digital illustration style).

Anime-type illustrations have specific themes and characteristics typical of them; for example, anime characters often have big eyes, large heads (compared to the body), slim body shapes, and poses are often exaggerated.

Anime art also has multiple different art styles, as it’s usually by the studio’s director or lead animator, who brings his or her visual flair to the frames. Hiroyuki Imaishi’s anime art style is very different from Hayao Miyazakai’s art style, for example.

Defining Characteristics of Anime Art

The defining characteristics of anime art are its success as a form of expression, narration, and cinematography, thanks to its excellent diversity of themes, deep handling of the characters, and quality of animation.

Therefore, more intense stories are created that attract the eye, mind, and heart, sharing a message and creating artistic magic so peculiar, addictive, and deep that it has earned the affection of millions of people in the world.

Anime art is a discipline based on materializing emotions, objects, and real-world environments, seeking this and, above all, beauty. This recreation of the world surrounding the author must pragmatically express a message, idea, feeling, or worldview. Once transmitted to other people, anime art fulfills the function of enriching people’s personalities.

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