What Music To Listen To While Drawing – Genres and Moods

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It’s been studied that music affects the way we feel and experience emotions. So the music you choose must be tuned in with what you are drawing or how you are drawing. Let’s dive into what music to listen to while drawing.

Here’s a list of ideas for music to listen to while drawing:

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Hip hop
  • Jazz
  • Rhythm and blues
  • Country
  • Heavy metal
  • Electronic dance music
  • Lo-Fi
  • Video Game
  • Anime
  • Classical
  • Reggae
  • Punk rock
  • Soul
  • House
  • Indie
  • Latin
  • Trance
  • K-pop

Suppose you want a full list of different music genres, just Google music genres. But if you want to get deeper into what music to listen to in different cases and how it can help you draw, then read on.

The Effect Of Music On Visuals

Search for a movie trailer from YouTube and watch it without sound. It is a very different experience if you would watch it with the sound on. That’s because music creates different feelings in different situations. Music kind of emphasizes the experience. That same effect works when you are drawing. If the music is not aligned with what you are drawing, the drawing process might feel a bit off.

Music gives you this lift to the hand and mood. Pick a good song and see how your body just feels different. This is also the same when you watch some superb art while listening to a certain type of music. It affects you in a very special way.

If you watch something like Cyberpunk related art while listening to cyberpunk(ish) music, the experience is more whole than if you would watch an artwork without music. Watch the below YouTube clip with and without sound and experience the difference.

You kind of breathe differently and feel your pulse change. I think this is all part of the emotions you get through your different senses; when you hear something that just gives you friendly vibes, you like to hear it more. You kind of get into this mood. Combine this same mood with your drawing, and there you have a state of flow is born.

What Type Of Music Is Best For Drawing?

What can be noticed is that if you listen to some up-tempo music, mainly like dance, trance, or something in that area. You might get this surge of energy to do things fast and efficiently. If you like to chill and just take your time with the drawing, you might want to listen to something like lofi hip-hop.

So when you are wondering what type of music to listen to while drawing, think about what type of drawing you are creating. Is the theme of your drawing futuristic (dance), is it scenery (nature music), is it some cool character in streetwear (hip-hop), is it an anime character (anime music), and so on?

What kind of mood are you after with your drawing? Combine the mood of your drawing with music that has that same mood. An easy way to do this is to search the mood (you want your drawing to have) + music on YouTube, for example, happy music.

The tempo of a song determines the flow quite massively. Of course, it could be that music won’t affect you the same way it could affect the person next to you. So if the music does not help you with your drawing, then music might not be for you when you are drawing.

It could be that music does not add anything to the drawing experience, or it does. It’s up to you and what kind of person you are.

If there are some songs you’ve played in the past and truly have liked, those kinds of songs, the nostalgic ones, might also help you with your drawings. If you’ve always loved listening to Beethoven, video game music, heavy metal, or movie soundtracks, then why not tap into the nostalgic feelings and listen to that type of music?

Choose Music By Purpose And Goals

If your goal is to get stuff done fast and efficiently, to get your heart racing and get into the zone, then dance music might just do the trick. If it’s speed metal or some other high-tempo music, align your drawing goal with the correct music.

Music can give you the right pace for your drawing process. If you want to chill and sketch your next drawing, then the purpose would be to get your heartbeat down and chill with some lo-fi jazz music, for example.

You have different goals with your drawing, and sometimes the purpose is to get either stuff done, chill, be happy, be sad, whatever the purpose, align it with your drawings to get the best results.

Music really does affect your emotions (usually but not, of course, always), and it’s best to be very aware of what you are listening to. The type of music you listen to might direct the things you draw or how the drawing process feels.

Suppose the songs get too melancholic or slow or something. It does affect your drawing process. Usually, this happens when you feel like nothing good comes up on the canvas. It could very well be the music that is playing in the background.

Music Creates A Mood To Draw

You might have these seasons when you just don’t like to draw. It just doesn’t come naturally. Lack of motivation, lack of inspiration. Sure. Procrastinating, definitely. However, what you might want to try sometimes is when you really have to force yourself to draw and really need to get work done; You could select some upbeat and high-energy music to listen to. The effect of this kind of music varies for everyone, though.

When the music is at appropriate volume levels, the surrounding vanishes, and you become one with the flow. You go into a zone and draw. You do hear the music, but it’s in the background more. Because your brain is actively searching for answers in and from the canvas. You are focused. You get into the mood. Drawing becomes easier, and it’s all because the music creates the mood for you to draw.

You can also use music to emphasize the mood of the drawing. When you pick something melancholic, the music gently guides you through drawing melancholic things; it makes you go deeper into the drawing and experience the drawing differently. It focuses your sense on things that make the drawing melancholic. You might want to try to listen to some happy songs and, at the same time, draw something sad and sorrowful. It’s pretty hard if you are affected by music.

Where To Find Music For Drawing

Youtube is an amazing platform to find music for drawing. It’s free, and it basically has every song you ever need. From Youtube, I can find live concerts, game music, movie soundtracks, playlists, and 24/7 live music channels. You might even end up having difficulty choosing your music for drawing. Spotify is yet another great service to use for music, though it does cost you some money.



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