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AI Art Policy on Amazon

As of the time of writing, Amazon has not excluded, denied, or prohibited the sale of AI-generated images or art.

Amazon emphasizes that all designs (regardless of the method of creation) submitted must comply with the content policies, and failure to do so may result in corrective actions, such as suspending or terminating Content Creator privileges.

The policies cover various categories of prohibited content:

  • Illegal or Infringing Content: Content that violates laws or incorporates intellectual property without proper authorization.
  • Offensive or Controversial Content: Content that promotes hatred, violence, intolerance, sexually suggestive material involving children, profanity, illegal activity, or misleading or deceptive.
  • Other Content Not Allowed: This category includes solicitations for customer reviews, false claims of donating sales proceeds, references to product attributes, and content that may result in a poor customer experience.

The content policies are not exhaustive and may be subject to change over time. Amazon Merch reserves the right to assess the appropriateness of listings and remove any content at any time. Don’t forget to read Amazon’s best practices for uploading designs to Amazon.

AI Art Policy on Zazzle

Zazzle embraces the use of AI to foster creativity and efficiency. According to Zazzle’s AI art policy, you can freely use and sell AI art on Zazzle. However, there are specific terms and conditions for AI-generated content.

The AI art must be original, meet quality standards, and adhere to licenses and user agreements. Designs containing AI-generated content should be appropriately tagged (#generativecontent). Artwork created with malicious intent or copyright infringement will not be allowed.

Creators are advised to seek legal counsel for intellectual property concerns. Zazzle administrators can remove artwork that doesn’t meet these criteria or violates their User Agreement.

AI Art Policy on Redbubble

Rebubble’s content policy does not prohibit the selling of AI-generated art. However, what they do emphasize is that you own the content or that you have permission to sell the content.

Redbubble has not mentioned anywhere in its content policies or user agreements that selling AI art is prohibited. Most users have noticed that mass uploading designs (more than 30 designs per day) have resulted in their accounts being banned or suspended. When you start uploading designs, be mindful of not uploading too many designs in a single day.

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AI Art Policy on Society6

Society6 is an open platform that encourages artistic expression but sets certain content guidelines to respect the community. By Society6’s community guidelines, Society6 does not prohibit the sale of AI-generated art, but does emphasize that they are all about original art.

Prohibited content includes graphic or violent, hateful, racist, sexually violent, obscene, pornographic, and abusive material, among others. Artists can mark mature content appropriately.

Copyright infringement is strictly prohibited, and trademark use and celebrity likeness require permission. Fan art is allowed as long as it doesn’t infringe on copyrights, trademarks, or publicity rights. Violations can result in account suspension or design removal.

Regarding ownership, Society6 states that: “By creating a Society6 account you retain all rights to the content you publish.”, however, as you don’t own pure AI-generated art, this might become tricky.

AI Art Policy on Etsy

Etsy has recently updated its policies to allow the sale of art created with artificial intelligence (AI). The company states that “items must be handmade or hand-altered by you, the seller,” in order to be sold.

What this means is that as long as you have manipulated or somehow altered the AI artwork, you can sell it on Etsy. Etsy does however require you to disclose how the artwork was done and provide evidence of the image manipulation if requested.

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Selling AI art on Etsy is legal, and Etsy does not prohibit the selling of AI art.

AI Art Policy on Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock accepts generative AI content that meets their submission standards. Artists must have the necessary rights to submit such content and should label it appropriately. Content should be uploaded as illustrations and include relevant keywords.

Creativity and high quality are prioritized, and assets you upload should provide unique value. Generative AI content cannot be submitted to the Illustrative Editorial Collection.

You have to check the ‘Created using generative AI tools’ box when submitting AI art to Adobe Stock. Image credits.

AI Art Policy on Shutterstock

Shutterstock does not accept AI-generated content from contributors due to concerns regarding copyright ownership and compensation for artists.

They have partnered with industry leaders like OpenAI to responsibly bring AI-generated content to the commercial market. Users can find AI-generated images in Shutterstock’s core library through the AI-generated image filter, but direct submissions of AI-generated content are not allowed.

Shutterstock’s AI art policy aims to protect artists’ rights and ensure proper compensation for their contributions.

AI Art Policy on Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art prohibits certain types of content on its platform, including adult content and prohibited content, however according to their terms of service, they don’t prohibit the sale of AI-generated art.

Saatchi Art supports the representation of the human body in art but removes images that depict or promote the sexual exploitation of minors. Prohibited content includes racially offensive images, content that promotes discrimination or harm, fraudulent or misleading content, etc.

Saatchi Art reserves the right to remove such content and may suspend or disable accounts that breach these terms.

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