9 Worst Digital Products to Sell Online As An Artist


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Digital Invitations

With so many free digital invitations online, competing in this market is difficult. 

Even if you create an extraordinarily unique or desirable invitation for a wedding or another event, most prefer having physical ones as keepsakes

Instead, you could use your digital invitations as a marketing tool to sell physical ones, which are much more expensive. 

You can also upsell your physical invitations by adding thank-you cards, gift tags, or event programs. This opens up a new revenue stream for you as an artist, which isn’t possible with digital files.


Selling digital fonts online can be challenging for artists because of the high level of competition and the low revenue potential.

The font market is heavily saturated with both free and paid options, which lowers your chances of standing out or attracting customers.

Many artists are forced to lower their prices to encourage sales, which reduces their profit margins.

Another major problem with fonts is piracy and unauthorized use. Clients and competitors can copy and share your fonts without permission, which results in lost sales. 

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are much more attractive and expressive than regular pictures. However, GIFs are unsuitable for printing or use for complex designs, meaning that whoever buys them can only use them in digital form. 

Because of the limited demand, they’re a poor option for artists who want to make a living selling digital products online. 

Also, with websites like Giphy offering thousands of free GIFs, it can be challenging to convince someone to pay for one. 

Digital Stickers

While digital stickers are amusing and easily customizable, the low price point of about $0.99 per sticker makes it difficult to turn a profit selling them online.

You would need thousands of monthly sales to make a decent income, which can be tricky unless you spend even more money on marketing. 

One option is to create sticker packs or bundles with a higher selling price. However, this lowers your chances of making a sale because stickers, much like GIFs, have a low perceived value. People are used to getting them for free, so only a few people will consider buying them. 

Simple Phone Wallpapers

Many people put a lot of effort into choosing their phone’s wallpaper. They tend to go for high-quality, unique, and customized ones. That means there’s little demand for simple, traditional phone wallpapers, which are widely available online for free

Instead, try selling themed packs with multiple unique wallpapers, exclusive patterns, hidden details, or special effects. You might not make hundreds of dollars per month, but the uniqueness of these packs lets you charge more and generate greater sales. 

Basic Filters and Presets

The internet is full of photo editing apps that offer free basic filters and preset options, which makes it difficult for artists to sell them online, too. Many of these filters and presets are AI-generated.

To overcome the competition, you’d need to create unique, visually appealing effects or filters that AI tools can’t provide. 

Creating these advanced filters takes a lot of time, so if you still want to try it out, ensure you have a decent customer base for your digital product. 

Basic Icon Sets

Basic icon sets offer standard icons commonly found in design software and free online resources. However, most individuals or companies would rather buy handcrafted icons tailored to their industry’s needs

Also, keep in mind that icons are rarely sold individually. Online marketplaces, like Etsy, are flooded with massive packs containing thousands of icons sold for just a few dollars. Think about the amount of time you’d spend creating them and how little you could sell them for.

Digital Coloring Books

As a digital product, digital coloring books aren’t the ideal avenue for artists to make money online. Not only do they have limited market demand, but even the few people who buy them can easily replicate and share them with others

Charging a significant price for a digital coloring book can be difficult because many clients prefer the tactile experience of a physical book. Plus, some coloring books require specific software, increasing your chances of after-sale problems and bad reviews.  

Low-resolution Digital Prints

Selling low-resolution digital prints online isn’t worth the effort that goes into creating them. 

Considering the average selling price between $0.35 and a few dollars, your profit margin would be minimal compared to the necessary marketing costs.

Low-resolution digital prints usually don’t look very good when printed, and you might have to handle many customer complaints after selling them.

Opt to sell high-resolution digital prints, which offer a better profit margin and are more likely to get positive reviews for your online store. 

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